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Howard the Duck 22

May the Farce be with You !

First of all this issue features Val Mayerik penciling, you may remember Val from way back in Fear 19 (you know Howard's very first appearance).

Howard is lounging upon the rooftop whining about the fact that Beverly is married to Dr. Bong, when all of a sudden he is attacked by a giant package of salt with ape like arms and legs. The salt container begins to season Howard (pouring salt on his wounds) and then jumps off the building falling to its death!?! And then again suddenly Howard is attached by a giant housefly, and must destroy it with a handy acoustic guitar. He turns and then is confronted by Dakimh the Enchanter (or rather his ghost) and the Man-Thing. Dakimh informs Howard that its time to fulfill his destiny and before Howard can say anything they are transported away. Then were treated to a reunion of most of the characters from Man-Thing #1 including Korrek the Barbarian and Jennifer Kale. This time our crew must fight the Demon child of Sombra, Bzzk to save the universe from Spiritual Anesthesia. Dakimh informs our heroes that Howard is in charge and leaves the warriors. Well Howard wants nothing to do with this and insteads goes to the kitchen of Dakimh castle to find something to eat. Howard is attached by a giant pickle and must be rescued by the Man-Thing. Just at this moment Bzzk shows up with a capture Jennifer Kale. Got all that, I didn't think so.


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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Val Mayerick

Inker:William Wray

Letterer:John Costanza

Colorist:Janice Cohen

Editor:Steve Gerber




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