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     Hello and welcome to my Homepage. Allow me to introduce myself...My name is Randall S. Treadway, Randy if you please. I live in Iowa with my family. I am married, and I have 3 wonderful daughters; Shannon, Lindsay, and Nicohle, three adorable grandchildren; Kylie, Uriyah, and Olivia, with another one on the way, and a great son-in-law named Paul.
     This page is dedicated to my better half Vickie of 31 years last June, my beautiful daughters, my grandchildren, my parents Ben and LaVonne, my family, and my dearest friends.



    In Loving Memory Of My Dad
Benny George Treadway

     My main interest is Genealogy, which I love and spend most of my free time doing. I started about 18 years ago and have been going strong ever since. I have 100's of webpages within my genealogy pages. I taught myself HTML and love making my sites to help others in their quest for their roots. Other interests of mine are: Photography, Collecting Depression Glass and Antiques to finish up all my daughters sets, watching Fringe, Star Trek, and Star Gate, and listening to my music. I like to listen to a variety of music; 50's to the present, Country, and some Classical; due in part to my daughter Nicohle.
     I used to love to be out in my yard planting flowers, but I have taken up the urban apartment life now. I am currently working for Walgreen's as a Shift Team Lead. I am presently attending Kaplan University, earning my Associates of Science degree in Business Administration in December. I am continuing my education at Kaplan until I receive my Bachelor's degree in that same field.

     Listed below are links to many different pages. Please visit them. I hope you find them both informative and enjoyable.



My Other Genealogical Related Pages

The Treadway Web:  This is my major site in which I am attempting to put all the Treadway/Tredway/Treadaway lines into their perspective families. I have pages for: Nathaniel Treadway and Descendants, Thomas Treadway and Descendants, and Richard Treadway and Descendants, Online Wills, Burial, Bible, and Obituary Pages, An Honorary Hall, Submitted Queries, and a lot more. Please drop in. Everyone is welcome.

The Frame Genealogy Web:  With this site I am attempting to put all the United States Frame lines into their perspective families. Please drop in. Everyone is welcome.

The Davis Families of Buncombe Co., North Carolina:  This site contains information on the Davis Clan of Buncombe Co., and Madison Co., North Carolina. Deeds, Census records and more. Please drop in. Everyone is welcome.

My Genealogy Awards Page:  Stop by and view the wonderful awards that were bestowed upon me for my different Genealogical Sites.  I am so honored to have received them.

Do You Know Me-My Genealogy Poem: A poem I wrote in honor of my Ancestors. Through all of their hardships and love, they made a better place for myself and my family.

My Motto:  The only thing permanent in life is your reputation, and of course a tattoo! - rst

More Genealogical Related Links
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Roots Web
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Other Links Of Interest To Me

Star Gate Atlantis
Star Gate SG-1
Star Trek Home Page
Smallville-Kryton Site

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