Athena's Favorite Sewing Project

X-mas list 2002

A few books I'd like

arnica gel or cream

Subscription to 'Leonardo'

Others available at Dance Books

No wind no word: new choreography in the society of the spectacle.
Author: Ploebst, Helmut
Published: 2001
A survey of the work of nine young European choreographers: Meg Stuart, Vera Mantero, Xavier Le Roy, Benoit Lachambre, Raimund Hoghe, Emio Greco, Joao Fiadeiro, Boris Charmatz, and Jerome Bel. Text in English and German, many black and white photographs.Paperback [1067-PB] £ 15.95 Add to basket

" Natural Pain Relief: A Practical
Handbook for Self-Help" by Jan Sadler.

A Reader in Intercultural Performance 
Patrice Pavis

Through the body, a practical guide to physical theatre.
Author: Callery, Dymphna
Published: 2001
A series of workshops based on the work of such key practitioners as Artaud, Brook, Grotowski, Lecoq, Meyerhold, and Newson, offering exercises by which their theories can be turned into practice and their principles explored in action.

Creating through dance.
Author: Hawkins, Alma M
Published: 1964, 1988
A book to help dancers develop their creativity and expand their creative awareness. This is the revised Dance Horizons edition. A very good copy, no dust wrapper (as issued)

Classical dance and theatre in South-East Asia.
Author: Miettinen, Juka
Published: 1993Hardback [0425-HB] £ 40.00 Add to basket

Colors of enchantment: theater, dance, music, and the visual arts of the Middle East.
Author: Zuhur, Sherifa
Published: 2001
A series of essays from noteworthy scholars that explore the visual and performing arts of the Middle East. Topics covered include race and national identity in Egyptian theatre, Palestinian nationalist theatre, dance as a visual marker of Qabili identity, the classical Iraqi Maqam, etc.Paperback [2407-PB] £ 17.95 Add to basket

Dance as a theatre art.
Author: Cohen, Selma Jeanne
Published: 1992
The development of dance from sixteenth-century Europe to the present day, shown in the form of the original writings of the leading dancers, choreographers, and theorists of Western dance. Those whose work is represented include Caroso, Noverre, Bournonville, Fokine, Humphrey, Graham, Cunningham, and Tharp.

A dictionary of theatre anthropology.
Author: Barba, Eugenio & Nicola Savarese
Published: 1991
More than just a dictionary, this is a handbook for theatre practitioners and a guide for students and scholars of transcultural performance, subtly juxtaposing the visual demonstrations of the performer's craft, from a wealth of Oriental and

Europe dancing: perspectives on theatre dance and cultural identity.
Author: Grau, Andree & Stephanie Jordan
Published: 2000
The way theatre dance cultures have developed in Europe since the Second World War. This collaboration between European dance scholars covers France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Flanders

A history of theatre.
Author: Wickham, Glynne
Published: 1992
In this masterly survey Glynne Wickham outlines the development of drama throughout the world over the last 3,000 years, from its origins in primitive dance rituals to the 1990s.

Highly readable, incisive and deeply imbued with a personal viewpoint that stresses the primacy of live performance, Professor Wickham's work is based on a lifetime's practical experience as a teacher, researcher, and professional director.

238 illustrations, a few in colour.

John Cage's theatre pieces.
Author: Fetterman, William
Published: 1995
The American composer John Cage was best known for his experimental music and for his collaborations with Merce Cunningham, but he was also a significant figure in twentieth-century theatre. In Cage's theatre compositions there is a blurring of the distinctions between music, dance, art, literature, and everyday life; and here William Fetterman examines those pieces which are audial as

Looking at dances, a choreological perspective on choreography.
Author: Preston-Dunlop, Valerie
Published: 1998
Written for practical people in dance, the text is organised in 32 short chapters each addressing a question on the way in which choreographers might or might not engage with their audiences in dance theatre works. The topics include an introduction to communication theory and the way in which the interlocking network between performers, movement material, sound, and performance can carry meaning. The book is written from choreographers' and performers' perspectives, with 46 dance works cited from a wide range of genres. The text is unusually presented - 'as closely as possible to how we speak to each other' - with key words in bold type for ease of reference.

Performance theory.
Author: Schechner, Richard
The complex interrelationships among theatre and dance, anthropology, ethology, ritual, performance in everyday life, etc.
The art of stillness, the theatre practice of Tadashi Suzuki.
Author: Allain, Paul
Published: 2002

Colors of enchantment: theater, dance, music, and the visual arts of the Middle East.
Author: Zuhur, Sherifa
Published: 2001

O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!
Sondern laßt uns angenehmere
anstimmen, und freudenvollere!

(Oh friends, not these tones!
Let us raise our voices in more
pleasing and more joyful sounds!!)

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