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Regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act


Regarding the Americans With Disabiliti​es Act

a writing draft I am proud of, will type in as computer availability allows

Regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act

Why is the Americans With Disabilities Act important?

Because in between the lines can be read in Bold, we, meaning someone, who knows, lots of people I guess, but anyway, we will stop parents from burning their children with cigarettes while collecting checks from the government AND whining about how hard it is to put up with a damaged child.

* * *

I was sexually molested in my hospital bed as a child. Then molested again in a different hospital bed as a teenager.

In between molest, when I was outside of the hospital re learning to walk on injured healing legs, while trying to pass as traditionally normal despite my now slurry speech and tilted tower stance, relying on a fore arm crutch to keep me upright, I didn't say anything about my invasive sexual experiences. Our family lived in low level crisis mode, functioning through pain. Te weight on our shoulders incomprehensible to strangers, friends and ourselves.

Everyday we lived to put a foot forward followed by the next until it was time to rest. Reflection, a luxury. When I was raped by acquaintances as a teen I stuffed my pain without being able to define rape as rape.

A law alone will not stop child molesters from sexually violating children. But as an adult, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the United Kingdom's Disability Discrimination Act, the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the United Nation's Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide remind me there is universal agreement that communicates over geographical borders off my rights to speak of my abuse and heal physically and emotionally. A single act of sexual domination has long term effects on individuals, as well as all the communities that when puzzle pieced in conjunction form the human population.

social construct

research more but pattern is Women with disabilities are raped, assaulted and abused at rates more than two times greater than women without disabilities. be continued

Disability is a legal term. The word disabled does not accurately describe an individuals physical or mental capacity's. "We are all disabled" is a phrase I have heard when speaking with others who did not apparently seem to fit into the legal category of disabled, My understanding of the phrase is a crucial attempt is being made to comprehend and articulate insight into centuries of fear of our human, fragile bodies and minds. When I try to translate, "we are all disabled" as if I had never experienced severe loss my feelings are that the speaker of the phrase is reaching to accept that regardless of human arrogance about our self delusions as a species, we are a small part of the cosmos rather than being the cosmos itsself.

The American's With Disabilities Act is more than questioning the nature of existence. It is more than a challenge to centuries old established notions of who has the right to exist. The Americans With Disabilities Act is a tangible document which defines the meaning of improvement regarding our relationship with ourselves, each other, our environment and our use of financial resources. The Americans With Disabilities act is an answer that each individual must ask him or herself. What does it mean to live in a fragile, temporary human body?

My statement written in hesitant, self doubting words, which is the way I actually speak, when speaking out loud, is my way of answering my own questions. Questions that I couldn't consciously ask myself as a child and teenager. Do I have a right to say, "don't touch me there" while being in a hospital? Do I have a right when in the ******* world outside of the hospital to refuse a sexual proposition?

Can I expect to hire a councilor to assist in finding behavioral solutions to my painful emotions about sex, intimacy, and human trust, without the councillor focusing on my partial physical paralysis as "the problem" to overcome? Just as when I visit a medical physician about, for example, ingrown toenails, it would be a waste of our time and my money if they focused instead on a decades old injuries to my left shoulder.

What I hear when I hear the words Americans With Disabilities Act is an application of the realization that the human race's purpose is more than passive suffering. The Americans With Disabilities act serves as a reminder that individual and group solutions can always be found using active communication, a willingness to put assumptions and discrimination on hold.
As a child, I knew I did not want to be forced to endure certain invasive touches to certain personal areas but the words, rights of a child" was a phrase absent from my vocabulary. As an adult reading the 1949 Geneva Conventions, the United Nation's Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nation's Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, I can articulate that I believe an individuals daily dedication to refrain from aggressive behavior is the most cost effective solution to the collateral damage caused when humankind's search for meaning becomes defined as an isolated individuals quest, absent of awareness of history and a growing population.

Listening, talking, and being reliable about promises made are inexpensive activities enabling problem solving techniques in a world where "we are all disabled", meaning living lives with limited resources of time, energy and money.

An example, going back to emphasize the Americans With Disabilities act, and the how-to's of living an active, meaningful life with permanent disability is when I saw a woman bout my age walking quickly with a four wheeled seated walker. After an orthopedic operation in my 30's, I lost my ability to saunter at a brisk pace using my forearm crutch. My quality of life suffered as I began to resent my dependence on the availability of friends and family while my worry about future physical limitations increased as being active without the proper structural support raises the risk of injury, as well as putting an imbalance of wear and tear on my delicate skeletal system. My expenses increased with reliance on taxi cabs and easy to prepare food while my cultural influence, overall enjoyment of life and ability to do activities to preserve my health decreased.

When I saw the woman walking using a comparatively inexpensive mobility aid, I simply asked her if using a walker helped her and was a Doctor's prescription necessary to purchase an item answered my lack of ability to accept that severely broken bones and injured nerves necessitate sitting in a room, alone, remembering remorsefully all the people I knew and all the plans I had when I was younger and more mobile.

Rape, sexual molestation of children and teenagers and violence against women thrives in secretive environments. Dehumanizing values based on obvious physical attributes, such as differences in disability, race, physical attractiveness, and age, encourages violations against what is often considered socially inappropriate or dirty.

Bans on communicating about sexuality, being sexually or intimately attracted to someone different than ourselves, or someone who doesn't meet the requirements of appropriateness of our peer group often leads to crimes of opportunity or senseless tragedy, using Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as an example.

Is there a simple cost effective solution that counteracts the sloppy emotional habit of discarding some people as dispensable, often without intention? Laws and subsequent enforcement are practical, usually devoid of surrealism, philosophy or poetic licence, as they should be.

I will, however, add my suggestions.

Start with saying, "I love you" to someone.

Progress to looking in the mirror. I dare you to say, "I love you" out loud. Improve history. Difficult, but not impossible.

If still not satisfied, try touching someone gently, with their permission.

If you want an advanced challenge, try touching someone you want to have sex with gently, with their permission.

If in doubt of the power of one individual to change the world, hold your own hand while singing love songs to yourself (out loud or silently).

I'm going to try this in public without being too obvious so I don't look too crazy, but I can never remember the words to love songs so I might have to improvise.

Be warned the above suggestions might lead to dancing, conversation, intimate feelings, kissing, possibly poetry writing.

If they lead to anger, yours or someone else's, I recommend treating yourself and all involved like a child you care about who has fallen down and skinned his or her knee.

Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

On the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination



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