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Living with hackers and identity thieves 2009

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Amnesty International - stop violence against women

The tao that can be told is not the true tao.  Correction.  The tao that can be sold is not the true tao. OR The tao that cannot be sold is the true tao.

Make your choice.

Editor's note: December 18, 2009, I have been having problems with hackers (yes, the same ones that attacked my 2006 MySpace page) so please realize that any writing or design on my pages might have been "improved").  The hackers - at least the ones I know about have a recognizably overly sleazy sense of humour that is similar to mine except often insulting to an individual or group and laughing at violence or misfortune.  The slipped naked in the bathtub videos are a good example)

I likely won't be changing or updating my web page much because combating hackers is not conducive to writing (or writing anything but "I hate hackers!"

I am writing a book, OATH, using the U.S Constitution, The Universal Decleration of Human Rights, , the Magna Carta,, UN convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of Genocide as "architectural" structure. Inspiration from semi-regularly chosen painters and writers through-out history as bass and drums. A random word as guiding alto saxophone.  meditational discoveries on back-up vocals.  Production of my next performance on lead microphone (aka story line).  

I figure I better hurry up and write *something* since certain parties hate me, my writing, my family, my cute little service dog and anyone who has a friendly manner and walks within 10 feet of me.

The writing is going *very* slowly as I have been taking the time to research several historical influences (which so far I had not known or thought of as direct influences before choosing them at random).

No one will believe me, but Alexander Pope's quote really was the first passage I opened my book of authors to.

Words are like Leaves; and where they most abound,
Much Fruit of Sense beneath is rarely found.
But true Expression, like th' unchanging Sun,
Clears, and improves whate'er it shines upon,
It gilds all Objects, but it alters none.

Alexander Pope  (21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744) English poet,

 An Essay on Criticism

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