Athena's Favorite Sewing Project

Verse 72: OATH: Meditations On Innocence: A Choreographers Score In Book Form In The Struggl

Dolphin Julia Trahan

A beginning of transcribing my handwriting

♥️♦️�� Verse 71: OATH: Meditations On Innocence: A Choreographer’s Score In Book Form In The Struggle For Life v2t (in process)
OK urgent box full of library‘s emergent words full of urgent letters today what letters are immediately in need today Sunday, December 6, 2020 the serenity prayer the Lord‘s prayer when I said I would lose my girl parents in the dust bins of bodies parents and grandparents consider disposable by caregivers I had the unfortunate luck to meet I purchased a book for each of them not as a gift a book that if I did This is my parents in Romano guides I would have words in urgent words that make sense a feeling I was drifting at sea with no like I was inside since then I have begin keeping books that remind me of loved ones admittedly reading a book a glancing at the books urgent title is not the same as being there which is not to say a reminder bug is the last experience because if it wasn’t for written and published and not publish messages I would be lost not aware of my allegiance allegiance

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♥️♦️�� Verse 72: OATH: Meditations On Innocence: A Choreographer’s Score In Book Form In The Struggle For Life v2t (in process)
I mined for Diamonds and found An Arrowhead

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