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Picture Poetry Project June 2021 (photos not loading)

Maybe because June Thirtieth 2021 was my Mom’s 80th birthday or maybe because I decided to wear my lucky rabbit shirt that I re~recognize how easy it is for me to forget and neglect the people I love most because of some trivial disturbance. And how seeing a bookmark picture can jog my memory past momentary resentment without having to explain or justify myself.
So I began my Picture Poetry Project because sometimes cliches are true.
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♥️Photo 1: Dolphin Julia Trahan

��☎️��♥️������ ��☎️��☕️�������� Double Stepping Murders Into The Higher Power 911 Recovery Cafe: After Finding Twelve Unsolved Steps Among A Billion Child Foot Prints (Physicalized Poetry Series includes 48)

����♥️My Universal Leather Jacket (Coat Of Arms On My Mom’s Eightieth Birthday ) (Step 1 revisited ) (poem title includes 48)

Forgot damnit!
Wearing my second skin wouldn’t go over well in vegan 2021, however embodying serenity wisdom and courage without my James Dean reminder hasn’t been without painful acceptance that family relations can enable abuse
How far does my family go looking at the past and into the future?
And what if my family doesn’t always look like me? Different colors different thoughts and different ways: Not everyone in my family has arms or arms that they can use. And I miss my armless family and my family who don’t condescend or make fun of me because my left arm is partially paralyzed
Everyday I wake to the absence of the absence of who I might have been. And as decade long missing children are found within hours after Mistaken Identity says “Hello “ I shrug as I didn’t do that and I would be upset actually if I *did* find missing children (under the couch? in an on line grocery box?)
The dance I never exercised to create to the Beethoven’s Ode To Joy/ Moonlight Sonata I never edited from the recordings that never arrived in the post from my Mom as she never recorded them: which is different from the dancer friend (family) I stopped talking to as if she wouldn’t remember the dance that was her Christmas presence that I didn’t do
There is all sorts of cleaning and sobriety and related family and unrelated family HOWEVER since I don’t have my Traveling Genius leather jacket to embrace and protect me, my family who walks my slow and not so steady footsteps with me not wanting anything in particular except some confidence inveterate about Mercy’s sanity finding missing childhoods and repairing broken dreams until Earth’s citizens live as long as possible simply to find out what is it really all about (your right hand)

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♥️Photo 2: Dolphin Julia Trahan

��☎️��♥️������ ��☎️��☕️�������� Double Stepping Murders Into The Higher Power 911 Recovery Cafe: After Finding Twelve Unsolved Steps Among A Billion Child Foot Prints (Physicalized Poetry Series includes 48)

����♥️ God’s Fingers (my hand my fingerprint) (Step 2 revisited ) (poem title includes 48)

Waking up in the morning is more than a habit for the majority of mammals: the phenomenon certainly is not under human control: and some days for some people in some circumstances, waking is more than they hoped for leading to the question; “well now, that you’re aware that your alive, what are you gonna do?” leading to the next not so obvious question “did we throw away the instructions that accompanied these prehensive pointers {because I didn’t bother to read the manual the first time}?”
Most of my life I wasn’t even aware of my inveterate fingerprints at the top of my hands and certainly defining identity through a hand’s eye ( a relatively small portion of a human body) minimizes possibilities for recovery after 911 is called.
Awareness is neither necessary for response nor for walking. A foot lifted and posed in motion doesn’t always seek confirmation of the ground’s stability before relying on past experience.
When looking at a tree missing a limb there might be questions: how did it get that way? did someone cut it? was there a storm? will it grow back? However a tree is identifiably a tree nevertheless
And maybe a tree’s purpose is to inspire hope in the hard hearted “will the branch grow back?” And maybe the tree define’s purpose in a linguistic tree like way,
Ask a tree what being God’s fingers is like

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♥️Photo 3: Dolphin Julia Trahan

Girlie Dog Eats Her ♥️ Medicine With Peanut Butter And A Silver Spoon (Step One)(poem title includes 48)

As I feed Girlie Dog her ♥️ medicine, O wonder if I survived to be 80 years old what would be my request of myself? Would my precatory ambition be to be the Auteur that I almost was or am destined to be? What movie would I make?
Stepp Walking with my Service Dog in silent meditation or would a classical soundtrack inspire classical bodies to move in the way intended

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