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On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received about my work in my guestbook and via e-mail. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the original log entry or essay that inspired the comment. In some cases, I also may also respond to the comments.

From: Diversityworks & Philip Patston <>
Date: 2002/01/25 Fri PM 06:23:22 HST

Go girl! You rock! xx



Diversityworks - to the power of motivation
Phone 09 376 4837 or toll-free 0800 376 4837

From: HobbitGTM@
Date: 2002/01/27 Sun PM 03:26:19 HST

>>>> I'm so excited. BBC is doing a half-hour
"the life and work of Julia" doco (I thought one had to be dead at least 30
years for that). >>

Way cool j de q, and don't push your luck on the thirty years! :-)

<< They will visit me in Hawaii in late May then accompany me to an academic
conference in San Francisco .where I will perform and present on a panel.
It will be shot on Digital Video.

I take it your hip and stuff are doing well? The prognosis for being up
able, and around by then is pretty good? < crossing fingers > Geez, I hope
they don't act snotty, or maybe that's snobby with the Brits. :-) You're
too cool for MTV, just mumble, wear your suit and gangster hat, and everybody
will think you're BRILLIANT! :-)

Being a Queen, and all, you certainly have "a certain kind of attitude",
it's mandatory for royalty! A whole lot of stuff from the BBC goes on Public
Television, it would be great if PBS picked it up here!


Jerry :-)

From: Neil Marcus <>
Date: 2002/01/18 Fri PM 03:13:11 HST
Subject: neilnews

I havent spent a lot of time in my forty years with dystonia, hoping to
be cured. Be normal once again. but I have dared to think about this
possibilityŠa little.
ive lived, ive tried to live in acceptance of my body as it is. It
isŠvery twisted but I accept that. I try to celebrate my living alive

I havent really ever given much thought to the bofy I would love to have
working well enough so
I could clap with both hands.
So I could step with a flat foot and walk.
To places with trees in forests..or deserts..or over sand beaches to get
to the sea.
So I could sweep floors and clean counters with ease.
So I could pump gas,check oil,carry luggage,phone information,mow
lawns,sort money,button coats and pants,tye shoes,flip pancakes,hold
lovers and babies with ease,wash windows,hold icecreamcones,give
toasts,make a perfect bed,hammer a nail,pull weeds,answer phones,hold a
book,RUN, SKIP
its almost too painful to hope

A student in Ohio wrote a paper about my work []
entitled: " Julia/Dolphin Trahan, Everyone's FavoriteShirley Temple Butch--and What She Exposes"

..."'A Girl needs to have control of her body if she wants to survive in this world', speaks toher female sexuality and how women, in general, need to take control of their bodies and their lives....She exposes the absurdity in hiding one's sexuality, defining gender codes, and criticising one's body".


Queen of the Girls

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