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QD 2002

Where Julia's Body performed

☎️Inturruption Monday September Eighteenth 2024 (word) : ☎️I am glad I did my past work however after returning from studies overseas in 2001 I was seriously injured at work and have still not regained my walking abilities, financial or even emotional independence.

☎️I was able enough not to experience the full stigma of being a woman with permanent and severe judicial disabilities in America. ☎️ My experience in disability communities taught me that physical disability need not be a barrier to an active life ☎️ however my mobility and circumstances are home invasion and waking up to poison in the seat of my wheelchair ☎️

☎️I rarely update my WEB she however I am drawing daily and doing a before and after exercise petty series that I update on my Facebook she )I have several under slightly different name variations)

☎️I am not appreciating being forced into a Mever ending Portlandia joke” And am hoping and praying daily that I am able to find a way to restart my “unsolved child murders recovery after 9/11” Step Walking Meditation poetry project ☎️that needs better PR!☎️

☎️I guess people bequeathed money to the project during COVID ☎️however

Stuff about the Queer Disability Conference in San Francisco

Do you want to --Discuss Queer Disability issues like civil rights, access, identity, sexuality etc.?Get connected with Queer Disabled activists around the world?Join in the movement of Queer Disabled people?If so, subscribe to the Queer Disability listserv, by clicking on this link --

This was my bio for the conference:

Trahan's queer/crip activism began at age 18--coordinating her college's lesbian/gay centre & petitioning for handrails on the library steps. She later was dubbed a "pioneer in disability culture" by the BBC and inherited the title of "San Francisco's Second Post-Modern Daddy" for her work as a producer & performer in the Bay area.


Carrie Sandahl, Ann Fox, Joan Lipkin, Julia Trahan, Terry Galloway

My intro....She has swung her dildo & danced with wheelchairs on stages across America and Australia. Her adventures are chronicled in her manuscript _BodyTalk = Survival: from Victim Politics to Human Rights_.

On Queenly Carrie's panal, I performed a bit of 'Queen of the Girls', did an impromtu strip to Iggy Pop's 'Fuckin' Lonely' & showed off my hip x-rays, metal pelvic cage and 3 inch screws. Several folks said afterwards that seeing my x-rays and feeling the parts of my last hip prosthesis was very intimate. I felt welcomed and listened to, which I didn't expect but appreciated.

#2. The Sex Panel

Ya kinda had to be there for it. I welcome any submissions describing the panel, my presentation or what people got from it. One thing I did was an exercise asking people to name three sexy things about themselves & tell them to the person on their right.

A woman asked me (no, I didn't get her phone #). Mine were: what I do with my hands, my eyes & my "cheekiness" (as the BBC Director put it). Her sexy three things were....oh, I best not say....

Here's my intro:

Julia [dolphin] Trahan has had lovers from a medley of races, genders, shapes, social classes and religions. She is author of _BodyTalk = Survival: from victim politics to human rights_. [Did I say that already] She sees happiness, orgasms, respectful partners and information about sexuality as basic human rights.

'A Beautiful Something': a performance by Julia's Body

None of the six dancers in my piece identify as Queer...they just liked what I have to say...can't beat that.

I can't describe my [our] Sunday night performance any better than the title. Someone told me the audio description was hilarious! If anyone wants to give it a go or send me feedback, I'll post it. Here's the conference blurp on it:

Julia's Body consists of Julia/dolphin Trahan, Rhona Alexander, Afi-Tiombe A Kambon, Neil Marcus, Stephanie Miyashiro, Misha Myers and Lee Williams. Julia/dolphin Trahan is the author of _BodyTalk = Survival: from victim politics to Human Rights_. She performs solo theater internationally when she gets the chance. The rest of Julia's Body is an indispensable ensemble of Bay area dancers gathered to perform in 'Disposable Bodies', a Spoken Word Dance [at SDS]. Both performances are being taped by the BBC for a documentary on Julia's life and work. Information about obtaining Julia's writings is available on her Web page:

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