Athena's Favorite Sewing Project

Sports and Taoism

Go ahead. Get Funky!

What I did after my third hip replacement

No Swim or Handcycle Photos: they are in the back of Mom's car but I'll add them when I can

+ I'll add some cool handcycling & recreational links

BUT as I'm in the midst of bill paying and resume updating, I'll just list this fun link for now:

ps: I spent teenage summer's in Vancover B.C.-- great place

The British Columbia Paraplegic Association's Peer Program connects people with spinal cord injuries who can share experiences, support and encouragement. The Peer Program has a web site called Peer Zone This web site features information about upcoming events in
the Vancouver area for people with spinal cord injuries, profiles about peers in the area and around the world living with spinal cord injuries, travel information, recreational information, and lots more.

Peer Zone

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