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8 August 2001
Joe Walsh, Pvt., Co. F.

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Alfred D. Clardy: Confederate Pension Application

E. P. Couvillion: Ft. DeRussy Extra Duty Roster

John A. Kile, Pvt.,
Co. C., 18th Louisiana
Unknown Soldier

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Civil War Records...
Many folks are looking for information with regards to MILITARY RECORDS for their ancestor who served with pride and distinction during the American Civil War.

As a service to those folks who are hoping to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, we offer the following links to help guide you along on your search -- signposts along the way, have you.

All sites are FREE except the web site -- which charges a monthly fee for some of its' services.

National Records Center,
Washington, D.C

Louisiana: Confederate
Pension Applications

Texas: Confederate
Pension Applications

Louisiana State
Archives: Baton Rouge

Louisiana Civil War Soldiers: Burial Sites Booth's Records
On Line

Official Records of the Rebellion




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Official Records of

the Rebellion On-Line


Light a candle to the memory the brave men, women and children, North and South, who died for their cause. We Remember!

Visit Memorial Day in Cyberspace and get your candle.


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The prestegious
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presented by the Iowa 3rd Cavalry as a Civil War Historical Site.


We are pleased to be the 1st receiptant of this new and exciting award presentation.


We wish to offer our humble thanks to the webmaster of the Iowa 3rd Cavalry, John R. Gunter, for his most kind consideration and token of appreciation awarded to the men of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. We know the men would be very proud of their newest laurel.



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Keep the Memory Alive!

Your kindness can help preserve our heritage!

The Jackson Barracks Military Library in New Orleans is the location where the Louisiana copies of the Civil War Muster Roll records are kept. There is an ongoing plan to protect and preserve those fragile documents, along with many other important documents on file at the military library. Our favorite "charity" is the Book Binding Fund at Jackson Barracks.

This web site is a FREE web site, and we do not solicit donations of any kind.

However, we do support the efforts of others to preserve the rich heritage we have been given by our ancestors -- who served with pride. Should you care, in a special way, to keep the memory alive of your ancestor, we would suggest making a donation to the
Jackson Barracks Military Library Book Binding Fund that is overseen by Archivist, Ms. Sherrie S. Pugh. A donation given in the name of YOUR Louisiana Civil War ancestor can help preserve another volume of the Muster Rolls! We did! Should you care to contact Ms. Pugh, you may do so at the following address:

State of Louisiana
Military Department
Office of the Adjutant General
Jackson Barracks
New Orleans, LA 70146-0330
Attn: Ms. Sherrie S. Pugh, Archivist




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26 November 2001
Our Latest Award!
The Confederate Site of Distinction Award
presented by James Stump
24th Virginia Infantry Regiment

for this honorable honor!
We are certain that the men of the
18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
would be proud to see their memory so honored
by such a respected Civil War researcher.



To My Home Page Devoted to the MEMORY
of the MEN who were the
18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry!

This web site is dedicated to the MEN of this Louisiana Confederate Regiment who were witnesses to history -- at the Battle of Shiloh -- during that bloody April back in 1862. Many of the men of the 18th Regiment did not return from that battle... while many others went on to fight in other battles and skirmishes following what history refers to as the bloody Battle of Shiloh.

So...take a journey with this descendant of Pvt. Placide Richard, Co. K., back to April 1862... to a little church in rural Tennessee -- a place called Shiloh and accompany the MEN of the 18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry. After an Introduction page...a series of pages will follow including the ROSTER of the MEN of the 18th Regiment.

image of reb star18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

"Click" on the LINK of your choice to your left -- to take you to the page that you wish to visit...OR scroll down to the bottom of the page and view each 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment page in sequence!

image of reb starHenry Wassem and Martial Gosselin

Added on 6 February 2003: Our latest addition to our Veteran's Section. This is a remarkable account of two soldiers from the Crescent (24th) Regiment. The Crescent Regiment served side-by-side with the 18th Louisiana in a number of the campaigns beginning at Shiloh and culminating at the Battle of Mansfield. At Corinth, the regiment was disbanded and a number of the men were assigned to the 18th Louisiana. Both men mentioned in this essay at one time during these depicted events were members of the 18th Louisiana. Read their story by clicking on the above link.

Image of World War II Site

Greatest Generation
An Oral History Project to Collect and Preserve Veterans Stories from World War II. Contribute YOUR Story!



World War II: Stories...
Their Stories
Told in Their Own Words

It is NEW! It is a powerful NEW tool to honor your hero who served and helped to reshape the world during the most turbulent era of the 20th Century.

We have just begun a new and exciting project! This new web site is a tribute to the brave men and women who served during World War II in military service and on the home front. We are looking to tell YOUR story. Check out our new endeavor. You might want to contribute a story! Just click on the link.


IMAGE of John Monroe Dick
image of reb starJohn Monroe Dick Biography

Added on 9 July 2001! Our newest addition to our Veterans Section! Meet John Monroe Dick: Pvt., Co. B.(St. Landry Volunteers), "Captain" of a Confederate Schooner, Blockade Runner, Coastal Pilot, Scout, Guide, Spy and witness to the most turbulent of times in American history. Read his story so exquisitely written and submitted by his Great granddaughter, Nancy J. Barginear.

UPDATED on 30 June 2001
. This SECTION has been updated to reflect additional mens' names and pension application details of the Men of the 18th Louisiana
image of reb starPension Applications
We are really excited about this new section. It is a section that delivers information with regards to the Applications for Confederate Pensions for Confederate Veterans and or their Widows and we have been doing some research looking for applications that pertain to the men of the 18th Louisisna. We are finding what we belive is a treasure trove of documents that are on file at the Archives in Baton Rouge. We are providing a listing of our findings and listing even the widow's MAIDEN names when and where known. The research is on-going and we will be adding many more listings over the next couple of weeks. So check it out! The largest file found thus far is a whopping 69 pages in length!

You may care to skip the lengthy Introduction Section and go directly to the
image of reb starPension Applications Index.

Even though, we stongly recommend your viewing the introduction page which contains valuable insight as to the type of materials you can obtain from the Pension Application files. They are quite frankly a treasure trove of information.

A NEW SECTION is entitled the
10th Battalion Louisiana Infantry (Yellow Jacket Battalion)

image of reb starYellow Jacket Battalion
We are now adding the Yellow Jacket Battalion (10th Battalion Louisiana Infantry) to our web site. This Louisiana unit was closely tied into the 18th Louisiana -- so it is logical that we give a complete list of the men who served with the Yellow Jacket Battalion. A list of the men [muster roll records] are now becoming a part of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion. The Yellow Jackets were merged with the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment at Simmsport on 14 November 1863.We periodically receive requests concerning the men who served in this unit. So check out our latest roster. Let us know if we are missing some of the men and we will happily add your ancestor to the list of the men who served in the Yellow Jacket Battalion.

A NEW SECTION recently added entitled the
Louisiana Regimental World Wide Web Sites. .

image of reb starLouisiana Regimental Web Sites
We are now adding a listing of the official Louisiana Regimental web sites including our own rating of each web site. Many folks have made inquiries about other colorful and historic regiments from the state of Louisiana. Check out this new addition. We are planning to add more sites as they become available. If you have recently added a Louisiana Regimental site to the world wide web and want us to add it to our list -- please do so at the e-mail address listed below.

A NEW SECTION recently added entitled the
18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment OR's.
image of reb star18th Louisiana: the OR's
We are now adding the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion as they pertain to the actions of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. The first new section deals with the events that led to the tragic loss of 200+ men of the regiment during the first day of Shiloh, Sunday, April 6, 1862. What is unique about this section is the view from BOTH sides of the engagement. You can even link to another site -- the 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment that was supporting the battery which wreaked havoic among the men of the 18th Louisiana.

In time, we will be adding the Official Records that pertain to the evets following Shiloh through Corinth, southern Louisiana and evetually the culumination at Mansfield during the failed federal Red River Campaign.

RECENT ADDITION entitled the
18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Photo Album

image of reb star18th Photo Album

We, at the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment are proudly displaying our images of the men who served in this historic Louisiana Infantry Regiment as their leaders and common soldiers. We have just started this project and hope to add additional images as they become available. Should you have a photograph of your ancestor who served in the 18th Louisiana and would care to share it with the world wide web -- please contact us at the following link -- and we will happily add the photograph to our photo album. The image can be of the soldier in uniform OR in civilian clothes. Either way -- we will happily display your treasured image.

Recent addition entitled the
18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Headstone Tribute

image of reb starSoldier's Headstone Tributes

Headstone Tributes to the Men of the 18th Louisiana [as well as 28th Thomas'] Louisiana Infantry Regiments. Descendants of the men who were these two historic Louisiana Infantry Regiments can now share with others a lasting tribute to the men and their final resting place -- with photos, letters, documents, poems, family lore, grave site images, grave site directions -- you name it. By popular request, we are are now adding a special tribute page for your beloved citizen soldier. Click on the above link to see how!


IMAGE of Civil War Headstone

Burial Site Locations Added to the Muster Rolls:
A recently added feature to the Roster of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. Learn the BURIAL SITES of many of the men who served in this gallant Civil War Regiment. Click on the adjoining link following the muster roll record to learn many more details.We will be adding many more burial sites as they become available.

IMAGE of Paul Thibodaux

Do You Know This Man?

Would You Care to Meet Paul Thibodaux?
Paul is our very recent addition to the Veterans Section and he has a story to tell. Click on the link below.

image of reb starPaul Thibodaux, Corpl., Co. G.

Paul Thibodaux was a Corporal with Co. G., the Lafourche Creoles --and he was wounded at Shiloh on 7 April 1862. He survived the war and returned home to take a wife and raise a family and then lived to a ripe ole' age of 98.

image of reb star

The Roster Pages of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment have taken on a New Look and should load into your browser window much quicker. The Roster of Company A thru K is now divided into two sections with the Officers, Men with surnames A thru L being listed on the first page while Men with surnames M thru Z will be listed on the second page.

Additionally, we at the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment are now offering ADDITIONAL details with regards to the MEN who were the 18th Louisiana.On many of the men, we have now included recently received CIVILIAN DATA, providing information such as Civilian Occupation, Wife's Name, Number and Names of Children. If he survived the war and location of his burial site. Also included are family facts, legends, and personal stories. Plus other details if known.

As quickly as the information can be updated and uploaded to our server, NEW information on the men will be added. Check back often for updates. If you care to add, modify, or remove updates to YOUR ancestor, you may do so by contacting us at the following e-mail address.

Thank you for helping to remember the men and their sacrifices:


Feel free to click on the links shown on the left view the pages chronicles the MEN of the 18th Louisiana...or scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the link of your choice. Either way, the time spent on each page will be well worth the effort.

*Please Note*

Be advised, many of these pages are graphic intensive and may take a while to load into your browser window. The wait is worth it -- for much information is included on them. Thank You!

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A Plea for YOUR Assistance!

Please help me in building the BEST page possible to the memory of those gallant men of long ago. If you have any corrections, additions, alterations, information, pictures, letters, diaries, notes, etc. regarding the 18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry...PLEASE contact me at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page. ANY information that you care to add will go a long way in helping to preserve the memory of our ancestors who gave their all in the mighty struggle we remember as the American Civil War!!!!

It is the intention of this researcher to add pages as a tribute to OUR ancestors from that distant past nationwide struggle. If you would like to tell "your story" about "your ancestor", contact us and we will make every effort to add that information to the growing number of pages that make up this project...18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry!

Thank You.

Visit Our Other Site Devoted to the Men of the
28th Thomas' Louisiana Regiment...the OTHER 28th Regiment

IMAGE of 28th Thomas' Heading

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You may contact this researcher at the e-mail address listed below. Materials contained on this page may be reproduced for personal use without written permission from the above researcher and/or his sources.


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