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The Winter Garden Springs To Life
The Winter Garden Springs To Life - con't
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The Rebuilding Begins
I thought no more about the Winter Garden until when months later I heard plans that maybe it would become a new 'transportation hub' whenever the Path station was rebuilt. One time I was down in the area near Ground Zero I looked over and noticed the sun was glinting off its glass roof. Another defiant sign; an indication that rebuilding had started.
Then in the beginning of September I heard it had been reopened and there was a glass wall where you could look out and view the progress of Ground Zero. Now I was intrigued. Did they just patch it up? Did they redo it totally different?
In October, I was wandering around the area trying to find the memorial globe. I couldn't locate it and decided to head north towards the harbor. That's when I saw the Winter Garden was open. People were going through the revolving doors…I quickened my pace and went in. What greeted me was indeed miraculous.
A Miraculous Space
I stood inside a Winter Garden just as it had been pre 9/11. The palm trees, the glass roof, the marble floor, the large semicircular staircase, the side escalators…I thought I was dreaming. I walked up those stairs seeing the wall of glass panes where once the North Bridge's revolving doors had been. Light was streaming in. I could see all the way down to the Pit. I stood there. It was like being caught between two worlds. A world of a dream and the world of the here and now. I had never thought I'd be able to walk in this space again. I cried with joy.
The restoration of the Winter Garden replicated the past. Except for the closed restaurant's tables and the slightly different color of the marble flooring no one would ever be able to guess that it had been so badly ravaged. Oh, yes, that observation wall is there, the one scar that will forever remain in some form to remind us of what really happened. But a dream it's not. Ah, yes, defiance in a glorious form. You can almost hear the space whisper "Take that you lowly terrorist scum. We will not only survive we will triumph!"
Last week I returned for a concert. As I sat there listing to the wonderful singing of the Eastern European women's group Kitka, I couldn't help but be distracted. This time not by the beauty of this space but by what had transpired one morning within it. Within these walls are the echoes of the hundreds of people who fled from the terror behind them. Running, running to the safety of the river and the boats awaiting them. Fortunately no lives were lost. And so today, there are new voices to overlay the pain of the past. The music and singing and joy from those experiencing it, will heal this space. I just pray that those who were here on 9/11 return and partake in this magical gathering. More than a space needs to be healed.
c2002 Leona M Seufert

View south from the second floor glass viewing wall

The banner draped on the building reads: The Human Spirit is not measured by the size of the act, but by the size of the heart.

October of 2002 - facing to the glass viewing wall and where once the North Bridge connected

October 2002 - View at top of stairs facing to harborside. Set up for concert