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The Memory Keeper’s Promise
Your life was a wondrous, magical, mystical Journey.
It gave us love and laughter, and memories
That will live forever.
Our experiences together through earthly time,
Left within us a piece of you.
Like a many faceted jewel set within a brooch,
These memories catch light,
Refract it and shine it outward.
When we remember you, we hold this jewel,
Turn it, admire it.
And it sparkles in the darkness of our despair.
A light to those who must now walk alone.
They can raise statues and put down plaques
But those are just cold stone and steel.
Your name can be carved in marble or etched into plexiglass,
But what does that say of your soul?
Who were you and what did your life mean to me,
To others, to humanity?
It is in our memories, that the spark of what you were is kept burning.
Deep within us the precious bits of your/our existence together,
Remains alive.
You did not "go quietly into that dark night..."
For you are still a flame lighting up the recesses of our souls.

As long as one living person remembers you, you will not die.
It is this memory I will carry with me and share with others.
This I promise: you will never be forgotten.
And your light will shine across time and space
For we are....always and never....touching and touched....
                                                 (c)2009 Leona M Seufert