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The light at the end of the tunnel???

Back in 1975, Disney released the 1950's "Mickey Mouse Club" to syndicated television, and the old black-and-white episodes were well-received by children of the original audiences. This encouraged Disney to give the green light on production of "The New Mickey Mouse Club", and the rest is history, albeit a unjustly buried piece of history...

It is now nearly three decades later, and Disney has once again brought the original "Mickey Mouse Club" back, this time as part of the "Disney Treasures" Limited Edition DVD sets. This particular set may only appear to contain the first week's episodes, but note, these are the hour-length 1st season episodes that were never seen in the 1975 syndication! Also, word has it that history may repeat itself as Disney is testing the waters to see if sales of this set warrant release of "The New Mickey Mouse Club" or not,...

So, Get Out There, and Buy "Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club" (in the tin film reel-style case) TODAY!!!

The New Mickey Mouse Club
(TV, Syndicated, 1977-1978)

ABOVE: THE NEW MOUSEKETEERS IN THEIR TUESDAY "LET'S GO DAY" THEME OUTFITS (click on above image to view at full-size)

TOP(L to R): Todd, Pop

STANDING: Nita, Allison, Shawnte, Scott, Angel, Mindy

KNEELING: Julie, Curtis, Lisa


Click on a New Mouseketeer's name below for a more detailed mini-biography, and in some cases where he or she can also be seen in movies or on TV, along with their current whereabouts and status!

BILLY "POP" ATTMORE (Born: March 19, 1965) Pop was a Disney veteran when he joined the New Mouseketeers. He played a leading role in the Disney Film, "Treasure of Matecumbe"; he can also be seen in Universal's "Two-Minute Warning". Aside from acting, Pop is also a singer and dancer. He began his dancing career at age four in Las Vegas. After his family moved from Utah To Los Angeles, he began appearing in TV Commercials. Though Pop loves singing, acting, and dancing, he loves soda pop almost as much -- which is why his family calls him Pop. It looks as though the name is going to stick.

SCOTT CRAIG (Born: February 9, 1964 Died: December 30, 2003) Before becoming a New Mouseketeer, Scott delivered newspapers for his parents who own an independent newspaper dealership in Van Nuys, California, while he kept a singing and acting career going on the side. Now most of Scott's time is spent on a busy studio schedule which required that he give up some of his regular activities such as football. Scott still manages to perform with a little theatre group, called the "Individuals"; and wakes up at 3 a.m. on weekends to help his parents with the family newspaper business.

NITA DEE (DI GIAMPAOLO) (Born: August 6, 1966) Mini-mouse Nita Dee is among the best dancers of the New Mouseketeers. She began dancing at age three when her mother enrolled Nita in a dance class to help Nita overcome shyness. Now she will tap dance down supermarket aisles. Although Nita lives and breathes dancing, she also enjoys sports, particularly swimming and bowling. Nita lives in Lakewood, California, with her family, where her 200 relatives gather during the holidays.

MINDY FELDMAN (Born: July 4, 1968) Mindy, the youngest Mouseketeer, was chosen for her personality and energy. Before joining the New Mouseketeers, Mindy had no formal vocal or dance training so she takes classes in addition to a busy studio schedule. A determined little performer, Mindy is developing into quite a dancer and often receives extra help from the older Mouseketeers like Julie or Kelly. Her favorite snack is beef jerky and it is not uncommon to see her munching a stick in between routines. Mindy also loves horses and has her own pony named Flash that she keeps on her parents' ranch in Chatsworth, California.

ANGEL FLOREZ (Born: August 13, 1963 Died: April 25, 1995) When an enthusiastic eight-year-old won a talent contest at Shakey's Pizza Parlor In Hawaiian Gardens, California, no one guessed that in four years he would be performing with the New Mouseketeers. But that's what happened to Angel. His eagerness to sing, dance and perform prompted his parents to enroll him in formal dancing lessons two years ago. Now he's singing and dancing for the "New Mickey Mouse Club". Angel is the comic of the group, entertaining his fellow Mouseketeers with impressions of favorite TV stars in between routines and rehearsals.

ALLISON FONTE (Born: June 6, 1964) Who dances, sings, plays piano, writes poetry, and wants to become a song-writer? It's a hard-working Mouseketeer, Allison. At age five, Allison started dance lessons. When she was seven she took up piano because she wanted to tape the music so she could play to her own dance routines. Allison remembers that her friends in her home town of Buena Park, California, could not understand why she never had time to play. She told them it would all pay off some day and today she's a New Mouseketeer.

SHAWNTE NORTHCUTTE (Born: February 25, 1965) Seven and eleven are lucky numbers for New Mouseketeer Shawnte. At seven she was chosen to be one of the Mouseketeers on stage at Disneyland and at eleven she was chosen to be one of the Mouseketeers for the "New Mickey Mouse Club". A dancer and singer, Shawnte says she is undecided about continuing an entertainment career when she's older -- in fact, she's thinking more about becoming a lawyer. A multi-talented youngster, Shawnte is also the "Miss Pre-Teen California" title holder for 1975-1976 and is an accomplished horsewoman.

KELLY PARSONS (Born: January 23, 1964) New Mouseketeer Kelly has been performing ever since she can remember and she loves to dance -- especially tap dance. It was her dancing ability that helped her win the "Our Little Miss World" talent beauty contest for 1975-1976. Originally from Miami, Florida, Kelly has performed during the Orange Bowl half time for three years. and has also appeared in several clothing commercials. But now she's doing what she likes best -- dancing every day for the "New Mickey Mouse Club".

JULIE PIEKARSKI (Born: January 2, 1963) Julie and her family drove all the way from St. Louis to Chicago for her "New Mickey Mouse Club" audition. She hoped for a guest spot on a "Showtime" segment. Imagine her surprise when she found out she had been selected to be a New Mouseketeer! Now new adventures have become a regular part of Julie's new Mouska-life. She flew for the first time on her way to the Disney Studios and rode her first horse while filming on location. Julie takes to new things quickly; she is extremely talented, her specialty being ballet.

TODD TURQUAND (Born: December 14, 1964) "Rhoda" fans may recognize New Mouseketeer Todd Turquand as Rhoda's stepson of the first season of the show -- or from his movie debut in "Burnt Offerings". Todd has been acting ever since he was five but still hasn't decided whether he wants to be an actor or an athlete. But for now, Todd is quite content to sing, act, and dance with the "New Mickey Mouse Club" and play Pop Warner football in his spare time.

LISA WHELCHEL (Born: May 29, 1963) Like so many young people, Lisa dreamed of becoming a movie star. But Lisa is not a dreamer, she's a doer. Several years ago she took the advice of one of her school teachers in her home town of Fort Worth, Texas and took up ventriloquism. Her parents let her order a figure from a department store which came with a book of instructions. On her own, Lisa become an accomplished ventriloquist. And today she is on her way to a dream -- singing, acting, and dancing as one of the New Mouseketeers. Lisa is also a horse lover and she rides every day before she jogs to work at the Disney Studios.

CURTIS WONG (Born: August 23, 1962) Curtis Wong, the oldest Mouseketeer, made his public singing debut at age three on a local TV station in his home town of Vancouver, British Columbia. That was followed by a movie offer, dance lessons, commercial work -- all of which led to an audition for the "New Mickey Mouse Club" in Seattle, Washington. The rest is Mouseka-history. Curtis began singing along with records when he was 18 months old, and started dancing soon after that. Aside from his love for entertaining, Curtis also enjoys the martial art of "Kung Fu".

Mousekalinks, Within...

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