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24 Aug 2000

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Puppy house training

This week's tip is for all the puppies owners, or for those people that owns a dog that poops in the house.

Many of the puppy owners send me the "hardest question of all", the way call it. Well, in the house training, which are not that complicated, there are many things that you should do, but there are more things that you mustn't do;

First of all, the worse thing to do, is to take the puppy's nose and stuff it to his poop, many of the dogs owners do that, and they don't realize what they are doing...
This action makes that dog to understand that he mustn't do his poop when the owner is around, which means, that when you take out the dog out side for it's walk, there is no way that he'll poop on the way - he knows not to poop when owners are here!

Then you get home with the dog, that didn't poop on the walk, and you get to leave the dog alone, and oops (!) the dog had pooped on the floor in the middle of the living room, and there it starts all again...

So what is ok to do?

The best thing to do, is therefor, to play with the dog, and prey him after he poops out side, you can give him a dog treat as well.
If the dog continues to poop in the house, you can take an unchewable dog leash, connect it to near to the dog's place, where he can reach his water bowl and toys.
Though the size of the dog, the leash should be in the long of 1.5 the dog's long. for puppies, usually its about 1.5m.
you should take young puppies for more then 3-4 times a day to a walk, and slowly take off few of those walks. Most important is that the dog will learn, is not to go on walks on the night!
I don't think that any dog owner would like to go on the middle of the night for a walk in the park, because his dog has to poop ?!

Older dogs (1 years and upon) should have at list 2-3 day walks.


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