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Shining your dog's teeth

This week's tip is for all of the people that wondered if they can get rid of their dog's morning breath.
Who of us never thought about "Why can't my dog brush his teeth  after he eat?", well today I can tell you that he can!
Dogs in nature didn't brush their teeth, but today when they live with us, people, which the dog breath disturb us allot, we have to do something about it.
The things that you need are:
Tooth brush
Water spray
Backing soda / veterinary tooth cream
Now, you have two choices of how to clean the dog's teeth. 1st, you can ask your vet to buy a veterinary tooth cream (it is much alike humans, but with more minerals and it smells like chicken), or you can use backing soda with a glass of water.
Also, you can use or a finger brush or an ordinary brush, some dogs are a little afraid of the ordinary one so you'll have to use the finger brush. Ok, all you have to do now is brash them! Be careful not to push too hard but not too gentle, you must be sure that you have cleaned all the teeth, inside and outside, front and back teeth... and then, Aha... refreshing!
If you wish to watch on the hygiene of your dog's mouth, you might give him to chew bones, it can be the plastic bones, or even the chewable bones for puppies, it is very important to teach the dog while it is a puppy to keep their mouth clean, and to clean the teeth every 2-3 days.

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