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How do you choose a breeder?

Choosing a breeder is the basic of buying and raising a puppy. Many breeders who might call them selves breeders, will tell you that the dog or puppy is pure bred, healthy, with papers and in the end you might find out that most or all of those were lies. First, you must make sure that you know HOW to buy a dog, after you know this, most of the work is over.
After you have decided what dog breed you want, if it will be a male or a female and if it should be a puppy or a mature dog, if it is a female would you want puppies in the future, and if you will go to dog shows with the dog. These are the first questions you must ask your self before talking to a breeder, if you want to have a show dog or a breeding dog it will cost you more then a companion pet. When you have chosen all the above, most surly, you will ask friends, family or people you see that hold a dog from the breed that you want. Best thing to do is to buy a dog from a breeder well known with a kennel name. A breeder without a kennel name is not known to the kennel club and all puppies will not be registered as pure bred, or even as born puppies. You can talk to as many breeders as you want, and it is better to talk and see more then 3-4 litters before you choose the one that you want. If you are about to buy a show or breeding dog, try not to go and pick a puppy from a litter with children so they love puppies so much and they might convince you to buy a puppy that will not be the quality you meant it to be, or not the mount of money you meant to spend on a puppy. After you have chosen your breeder, you must make sure to sign a contract with the breeder about the cost, health and commitments that the breeder promise you to keep. Most breeder will sell you the puppy in age of 7-9 weeks old and will give you a bag of puppy food that the puppy is used to.
A breeder that dose not do that likely is not a good breeder and dose that only for the money! Those kind of breeders will not ask too many questions, as a real breeder will ask you so may questions so you'll think you are having a "puppy adoption" test, and it is. A good breeder will call you from time to time and will make sure that the puppy is ok and in good health, it is very important to find a good breeder, because when ever you have a question or want to ask a breeder a question that cannot ask your vet, its good that you have that person there, ready to help at any time.
If you want to buy a dog and need help in finding a good breeder anywhere, you can Email us and will be happy to help you find the right breeder close to where you live. Good luck!

Puppies at play time

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