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Vocation checklist

At this time of year many families hit the road for a trip and usually take the dog with them. When they do so many families forget that their dogs’ needs are not less important and that there are few things they must not forget. Here I offer you a full checklist to make sure you have it all before you leave the house.

1. Food and water bowl

2. Collar and leashes

3. Collar identification tags with your permanent and temporary address and phone numbers.

4. A supply of your dog’s medication, if any (be sure to write down the name and dosage so it can be replaced if lost)

5. Plastic bags or newspapers to clean up after him

6. A supply of your dog’s regular food and water

7. Can opener for dog food

8. And few favorite toys and treats

9. Your dog’s bed or favorite blanket

10.dog brush

11.Pet crate, if your dog is trained to use one

12.flea and tick repellent

13. tweezers for removing ticks

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