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Feeding your old dog

This Week tip is for Feeding your old dog.
There few options of feeding an old dog, because not all of them can eat hard food, then here are some tips of feeding the old dog.
If the dog is capable eating hard food, what is best for him will be having a watching diet of senior dry dog food. These diets are the best for the dogs so they have all of the vitamins that the old dog needs, which ordinary dry dog food doesn't. If the dog can eat large bones (not chicken bones or any other small bones which can part to small pieces and hurt the dog), then let them eat it, it is very good for the mouth health and keeps the teeth clean.

If the dog is too old of having the dry dog food, or that you can add some water, soup, milk or some other liquid to the dry dog food to make a dough out of it, which the dog will be able to eat. If you wish to feed your dog with other kind of old dog food, as the cans wet food, only make sure that is says that its specially for OLD DOGSOLD DOGS
Old dogs mostly have problems with their weight so it is very important not to forget to weight your dog once at two weeks, and if he gets too fat or to lightly, make sure to inform your vet.
The diet of an old dog is very important, one vitamin can control at the life time of your dog, who knows, maybe this diet will be able to add you and to your dog many happy "old(Dog)days" together.


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