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Breeding your bitch

Usually the female gets her first ‘season’ at the age of 6 to 12 months. At small or toy breed females or Terriers usually at age of 6 to 9 months, and some giant breeds only at the age of two years.
The ‘season’ cycle has four stages. The whole cycle is usually for about six to seven months, though the cycle may be different for each female to another.

Pro-estrus (pre-season);
This is the most noticeable stage of the female’s cycle. Usually you can notice the genital is swollen, followed by a clear secretion that soon becomes more blood like. You may not notice the secretion, but you will see the blood. Sometime there are blood signs, and not a real bleeding. Most females will humbly watch over their cleanness, and you might notice the start of the cycle by the female licking her self. Some females have a lot of bleeding and less slowness, and some are very swollen and has no bleeding. Most large breed females will show no out-seen signs but will attract many males. Most females enjoy those attraction, though most will reject the male, only the more experienced once would not.

Estrus (‘in season’);
Usually the bleeding will stop at this stage. The genital is less swollen, but still is full. Sometime there is a secretion, clear or dry yellow color. At this time the female will look for male to mate with, and usually, finds them. It is said that the egging is on the second day of this stage, and that is the best day for the breeding. Several breedings will increase the odds of the pregnancy.

Metoestrus (after ‘season’);
Though there are no noticeable signs for this stage, there is a lot of ‘action’ in the female’s uterus, and it is getting ready for a ‘time of sleep’ (Anoestrus).

*Phantom Pregnancy;
In this kind of situation, the hormones in the female’s body will make her feel like she is pregnant, that will even make her “build a nest” and produce milk. If that’s happened, contact your vet.

Anoestrus (after ‘season’);
This is the quiet stage of the cycle when there is no action in the female’s genitalia; the length of this stage is different for one female to another.

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