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How do I buy a dog?

This tip is about these questions that I got few times. If you decided to get a dog, should it be a mix dog or a pure breed? Or should you buy the dog from a person that you heard that have a bitch that had puppies, should you buy the dog from the F.C.I’s kennels clubs? Should the puppy be with or without papers? Are the papers that important? What are the risks by buying a dog?

Well, if you decided to have a dog, you have two choices, to take a mix dog, or a pure breed. If you decided to have a mix breed dog, you can go to any shelter near your house and adopt your self a sweet puppy that look’s for a home. If you feel like having a pure breed dog, then you have to make some choices.

You can always look for a person, that has a bitch that just had puppies, most of these people that don’t have a license from the F.C.I, and they just bred their bitch/dog. These people will tell you that the puppies do have papers, but you can buy the puppy WITH or WITHOUT the papers. They will say that if you want to buy the puppy WITH papers, it will cost you more. Most of the people want to have a pure breed dog, but not for shows, so they’ will decide that a puppy WITHOUT its papers is good enough for them. The truth is, that a puppy WITHOUT papers, is NOT a pure breed dog. One of the parents might have had a genetic problem that did not’ approved the papers for that dog, it does not’ even have to be one of the parents, it might even be one of the parent’s' parents.

However, this puppy, that you bot WITHOUT papers, is NOT a pure breed dog, and he is NOT allowed for breeding or shows as well. Let me give you a sample:

This family came to buy a Dalmatian puppy. This family did not’ want the papers because it cost TOO much. The puppy had grown to a dog now, and he’s ready to go out side off- leash. The dog had run to the rode, and by mistake, got hit by a car. The family took the dog to the vet, and then the vet tells the family that their dog is deaf! A lot of Dalmatians are deaf or blind. They bot a perfectly healthy puppy, and now they hear that their dog is deaf… how can that be?

Well, they bot a dog WITHOUT papers, what means that the F.C.I did not’ want this litter to be. Might had been because there was a genetic problem Or that the parents did not’ have the papers. DO NOT buy a puppy that does not’ have papers, or if it does not’ have the confirmation for that litter. The easy thing to do will be to call the F.C.I, and ask them about the litters of the breed that you want, and they will contact you with the breeders. Make sure that you get the puppy's pedigree!!!
For more information about breeders, or the F.C.I, contact us.


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