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Ear Cleaning For Dogs

Check your dog's ears as part of his regular grooming routine

Check your dog's ears on a weekly basis. You want to make sure there is no inflammation, nasty odor, or redness around the ear flaps. If you suspect inflammation, take your dog to the vet.

You can clean the excess dirt with a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil or alcohol. If you use a cotton swab, make sure you can always see the cotton end, and keep the swab pointed down, not towards the head. Also, be very careful not to push debris back into the ear canal.

If your dog scratches or shakes his head often, you should check for ear mites. These crablike creatures are difficult to see, but you should look for the debris they leave behind - a brownish black discharge that look like coffee grounds. Take your dog to the vet to confirm. Your vet will then direct you on how to use the ear drops to rid your dog of these pests.


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