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Feeding a hungry dog

Dogs are animals after all, the canine types are meat eaters and meat is a material that stays in the dog’s stomach for several hours to several days. Since most of us, dog owners, feed our dogs with dry dog food which completes the dog’s perfect daily diet, many dogs has a problem by not feeling ‘full’, and these dogs will stay hungry for the whole day and ask for food as long as they can. Many dogs with this eating problem are overweight, and that usually makes them sicker and more sensitive than other dogs.
I found a trick to help those poor dogs to feel better during the day and help the owners, though they must see their dog asking for food during the whole daylong. The best way to help the dog is feeding him (as an extra!) with food that contains a large amount of cellulose. That has a very low ability of decomposition, which makes the food to stay in the stomach for a longer time; also this does not add any fat to the food source, which is very healthy for overweight dogs.
Arrange 4 potatoes
4 carrots
1 cabbage
3 marrow
˝ gourd
2 chicken wings
Add to these 8 cups of water.
You can add some salt and pepper if you wish, as long as your dog will like it.
You should give your dog about ˝ cup for a medium size dog (15kg) and about a cup for a large dog (25-45kg), larger or smaller will have by weight. In 2-3 days you will notice the dog is becoming less hungry and feels better during the day. Enjoy!

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