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Raising your puppy

Raising a puppy is very similar of raising kids. Puppies are like babies, they have their time for everything, but at the age of 8 weeks - 7 months, the puppy build's his character with people, dogs, his family and other pets he comes in touch with. It is very important not doing any mistakes while this time, puppies are very sensitive about our behavior and might learn wrong things that we might even not notice that we are teaching them to do it.
At the start when you bring the new puppy home, you must tell all of the family members what is "okay" and what is "wrong" in the dog family rules. If it won't be this way, the puppy might be confused and won't understand what is right and what is wrong in the house rules and this action might teach the puppy wring behavior. One of the most important things in the house rules are the house training, after this stage all of the house training will become much easier. Many people ask me how did I make my dogs so "smart" and understanding. You have to let your dog learn on his own, don't help him will other larger dogs, with people or any other experience that he has to pass by himself. Puppies often explore the house or the street, many owners will tell the puppy to come back and not go very far, this way they teach the dog to be afraid far from the owners, this kind of puppy will be scared when is old, that so let the puppy explore on himself the area, you must trust him.
If you live around a place with animals, let him play with them, rabbits, horses and other pets can do the same affect. One thing that is very important for all the puppies, is to let them be with other dogs, let them learn how to be a part of the "dog pack". This behavior will make him understand that he can't always get what he wants and to understand the owners better.

A puppy with a robber

A puppy with an adult dog


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