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24 Aug 2000

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Traveling with your dog

How many of us have planed to go on a climbing trip with our dog?
Well, there are few important things that you should remember before you get your dog and luggage ready.
Dogs are very sensitive for heat and coldness, if you are going some were that is quite hot, you should wet your dog's paws every few minutes so he won't hurt them, if you see that the paws did get hurt or bleed, make sure to bandage them, and take the dog to the vet as soon as you get back.
You should remember that the dog makes allot more exercise them you do, and mostly old dogs, puppies, or dogs that are not used to make long walks, might get tired and thirsty much more times then you or an active dog, make sure to rest when you see that your dog pull's out his tong too long or if it more then light pink.
Don't let your dog drink too hot or too cold water, it might make them vomit if they make any exercise after. Don't let your dog eat 1 hour before and after the walk, he must rest before that.
If you are sleeping out sides and not at a motel (if you do, make sure that it is a animal-friendly motels), make sure that there are no snakes or scarabs around, its pretty difficult to see on a dog that he doesn't feel good or got bitten. If your dog vomits with no reason, or his outgoing is not as usual, make sure to call your vet as soon as possible.
Have a great trip! Don't forget to take your Pet's first aid bag!


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