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Tail Waging

Humans usually will say that their dog is happy when it wags its tail, bur how can we be so sure about it?
Most times when a dog wag its tail he wants to tell us something, dogs do not have a words language but they use only the body language.
When two dogs meet, sniff each other and wag their tail you might notice if its fast, slow, high, low, over the back, still, or in any other position. When you see two dogs meet that tail wag means if the dogs will fight or no, they might even stay in that position for few minutes and walk away from each other afterwards or just continue play. The fast waging might show about happiness or that the dog is angry, many times you'll hear that the dog's owner will say that his dog is fine with others, he always wag his tail with other dogs, but is it true that his dog will never attack anyone of those dogs in any chance?
It is very important to understand your dog's language and to notice when ever they dog something that might cause other dogs some harm.
When our dog was a puppy he learned how to "use" its tail with the rest of his "play team" which might have been other dogs he played with. This is the reason why puppies who were taken from its mothers too early don't know how to behave with other dogs but is good with humans, he have learned how to make us understand what he wants, but not to its own kind. Puppies that had been taken from its mothers at a young age should use the "puppy parties" to help them use the language he will have to use in the "big dog world".
Dogs will invite their friends to play, fight, run or any other action by using their tail, dogs that had their tail cocked will have many problems communicating with other dogs as well as puppies who wasn't raised right.


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