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Tips for full-time workers

Trying to house train your new dog when you are work five days a week can be difficult. It will take a little longer than if you were supervising all day and you may have to juggle your schedule a bit, but it can be done.

Get up a little earlier in the morning so you have some extra time before you leave for work to take your pup out in the yard once or twice. Choose a safe area in your home where you can leave your pup while you are gone during the day. The kitchen, bathroom or laundry-room are the easiest rooms to puppy-proof and they can usually be blocked off from the rest of the house with a baby gate. Put her crate, some toys and a water bowl close to the gate, and spread some newspaper down on the floor at the back of the room.

Until she is six months old, someone will need to come and feed your pup at lunchtime and take her outside afterwards. If you donít have family or friends who can help, hire a puppy-sitter to come by.

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