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Dog shows

This Week tip is for grooming your dog before, after and at the dog show.
The basic thing that is checked at the dog show is the appearance of the dog. you sure will like your dog to have soft hair, clean bright eyes, clean ears and non-smell mouth. Here are the most common grooming I do to my dogs before the dog show. A day or two before the dog show, bath the dog. Never bath the dog on the same day the hair will look dead and won't appear nice to the judge. Wash the dog with shampoo AND conditioner. After the hair is dry you can wax it with hair wax... for Puddles and curly hair breeds it will be better to put the hair wax while the hair is still wet. Best thing to do is to give the dog "Hair Vitamins" for dog, you can buy it in any pet store or ask your vet about it. Brush the hair as much as you can! I guess you think that its crazy and that the dog won't have hair till the show will start, but after the bath the hair falls out and must be removed! For dogs who have hair design, do not brush the hair at all! (i.e. Puddles, Collies, Afgan hound etc).
To clean right the eyes, take a soft clean cloth and wash it with worm water. Then go slowly on the eyes if the dog (the eye must be closed!!! - I know people who tried it without closing the dog's eyes). If you have some Vaseline at home, you can put some around the eyes, not much. This way the eyes will glow and will look much more attractive.
To clean your dog's ears you can take a big piece of cotton with some worm water, take ALL of the water out of it, and go softly in the dog's ear, DO NOT use ears sticks, that might hurt the dog's inner ear. Sometimes you'll have to cut off some hair out of the ear. I usually do that anyway so the ears will look bigger and healthier. The hair Dogs with stacked-up ears should be cut as well.
For the mouth, I know this sound funny, and what the hell the judge care's about the smell of the dog's breath.... but I know they do. It is not hart to brush your dog's and then put few drops of mint smell for humans. Dog s hate it but they get over it few seconds after .
Beside of that... have good luck with your dog! The rest is you and your dog working in the ring, we all with you handsome dogs out there and your owners good luck winning the 1st places!

Dogs at the dog show - group #9


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