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Choosing your dog's diet

This Week tip is for all the people that still hasn't decided what food is the best for their dog.
There are two choices really, dry dog food or home made dog food. Most people prefer the Dry dog food, and they are right in most times, the dry dog food is easy to serve, and if you wish you can add a part of a can dog food.

You can find the dog's food, usually, by these categories;
*Dry dog food for adult dogs (Large and small breeds pack)
*Puppy food
* Premium - for working dogs (mostly large breeds, comes in packs for small dogs as well)
* Some times you can find "Junior" dog food which is for puppies under year old and older then 5 months (for large breeds only)
* Diet dog food/light dog food (for dogs who are under a diet, buy only under the supervision of the dog's vet).
* Senior dog food, not all have, but is specially for old dogs in age of older than 7 years old.

The other way to feed your dog is by home made dog food, many people feed their dogs with home made food, but it is much harder to make it.
The home made food should be as like the dry dog food, with all the vitamins, protein, fat, fiber and moisture. The food should always be fresh, and be given to the dog not more then 2 days after it have been made.
At our home page we have provided a new page for food recipes only so you can make it at home at try it.
It is only a matter of how comfortable it is for you to provide the dog his food. Woof ;).


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