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Watching your dog healthy

Healthy dogs are the result of proper right training, feeding and exercise. It is very important to make sure that the dog gets all his needs through his all life from being a 8 weeks old puppy till the end of it's life.
First very important thing is to feed your dog the proper way for his age (if it is high quality puppy food, or extra energy dog food, old dog food, extra meat or extra chicken food etc.). This is the base of the whole life of the dog and if this will not be watched, the dog might get sick often or will not be healthy as it should be. Choosing your dog's diet is the first thing you should do when taking a new dog to home.
Next very important thing to make sure to let the dog do a lot of exercise, When the dog is still a puppy or a young dog till the age of two years old, the dog's bones and muscles are still growing and to watch them healthy; running, long walks, swimming and playing are the best thing to watch and make sure that the dog is still having the right exercise for it's age and breed. When the dog gets older, may people stop with the walks and the playing and that is the main reason why old dogs dose not want to play or go out. If you will make sure that the dog is having enough fun in playing, he will feel the same while is age of 13-14 years! A dog that was very energetic as a puppy will live longer then other dogs from the same breed and age.
Last and very important issue, make sure to visit the vet 2-3 times a year even if the dog seems to be healthy. Make sure that the dog get all the shots it should have (ask you vet about them), and if you can, I till today give my both dogs Calcium and Vitamins for dogs, all the their body dose not need gets out and this way I can assure that they get all that their body needs.
Enjoy your dogs and take a good care of their health! Woof.


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