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Added Monday, April 30, 2001
Site Update
I've been busy and have done some more updating, adding information and changing pages to a more consistent look, and have updated the rest of Season 6, namely How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, Terms Of Endearment, Rain King , Tithonhus, Agua Mala, Monday, Arcadia, Alpha, Trevor, Milagro, The Unnatural, Three Of A Kind, Field Trip and Biogenesis.

Added Sunday, April 29, 2001
Birthday Call
Today is the birthday of Bruce Harwood (Byers) who is 38.

Site Update
I've added a small review of The Gift from the Sun-Herald Television magazine on April 15 to my page for the episode on my Season 8 episode guide.

I've added a page for Chris Owens (Jeffrey Spender) to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

I've also updated pages for Dreamland, Dreamland II, Two Fathers and One Son on my Season 6 episode guide.

Added Saturday, April 28, 2001
This week's Woman's Day has 2 photos of David Duchovny with his daughter Madelaine accompanied by the following caption:
David Duchovny played dad with baby Madelaine in New York. Pink hat aside, the two-year-old's got up like a boy. A case of the uniseX-files?
Also the May issue of In Style has a page on Tea Leoni in its hair report section, showing her with a short hairstyle that she got for her role in the upcoming Jurassic Park 3. The article describes how to achieve and maintain the hairstyle and who it suits.

ThanX Lucy.

The Official X-Files Web Site is currently offering two pics you can download to use as wallpaper for your PC "for a limited time only." The pics are from episodes that haven't yet screened in Australia.

Added Friday, April 27, 2001
Sharp-eyed viewers will have spotted quite an X-Files connexion with the new police show CSI that started screening in Australia a few weeks ago. Aussie-born John Pyper-Ferguson (Christmas Carol, Emily, F Emasculata) was in the Pilot episode while in this week's CSI episode were Vyto Ruginis (from last night's Medusa episode and the movie Phenomenon which screens tonight on channel 7) and Grant Heslov (Via Negativa). In another upcoming episode is Tamara Clatterbuck (Salvage). Krista Allen (First Person Shooter), Glenn Morshower (All Souls) and Timothy Carhart (2Shy) all have recurring roles.

Site Update
I've added Medusa to my Season 8 episode guide.

Added Thursday, April 26, 2001
Movie Dates
Yet more movie release-date changes, firstly for Gillian Anderson's House Of Mirth which, according to the Greater Union website will be opening on June 14.
ThanX Clare on ausxfnews.

Spy Kids featuring Robert Patrick stays at June 21 for Queensland, but it has been pushed back a week in other states to June 28.

Tonight's episode of The X-Files is called "Medusa".

Added Wednesday, April 25, 2001
Site Update
I've updated Triangle on my Season 6 episode guide.

Added Sunday, April 22, 2001
X-Files Contest
http://www.thedigitalbits.com/ is running a contest where you can win an X-Files DVD package as outlined bleow. The contest is not restricted to US fans!

Here are the details:

All right, you X-Files fans... we're pretty revved up about this contest! We're giving 2 lucky winners a chance to take home the COMPLETE X-Files on DVD, thanks to Fox Home Entertainment! That's right... you'll get Seasons 1 & 2, plus the new Season 3 box, AND the newly re-released X-Files: Fight the Future disc! The show is winding down to its last 5 episodes this season, but if you win, you can go back to where it all began. You'll have until 7 PM PDT (US time) on Monday April 30th to get your entries in. So click here to enter and remember... The Truth is in here!

1. What's the name (or nickname) of Mulder's cigarette-smoking arch nemesis?
2. Scully was kidnapped by a deranged alien abductee in Season 2. Name him.
3. What's the name of Mulder & Scully's boss at the FBI?
4. Who discovered the VERY first X-Files in FBI history?
5. In the X-Files movie, Mulder travelled to what continent to find Scully?
Annabeth Gish Chat
There will be a chat with Annabeth Gish on Monday, April 23 at 7PM/4PM PT (US times) at The Official X-Files Web Site. Annabeth Gish plays Agent Monica Reyes ... Australian viewers haven't seen her yet, so I hope no-one considers that a spolier :-)

Evolution and other Movie News
The new David Duchovny movie Evolution is discussed in the Summer Movie Preview issue of US magazine Entertainment Weekly, dated April 27:
This summary from alfornos:

A reminder that you can see a trailer for Evolution (and many of the other movies mentioned here recently) at the Hoyts wesbite.

Spy Kids, with Robert Patrick in the cast, is currently number one at the US box office. Joe Dirt, with Brian Thompson in a cameo role, is at number 4.

Video Labels
If you dub episodes of The X-Files (from TV or video) (or many other genre shows) check out Sci-Fi 2000 that has labels you can print for your video boxes.

Site Update
I've updated Drive on my Season 6 episode guide.

Added Saturday, April 21, 2001
Scully Marathon
The Sydney Scully Marathon was held yesterday, but as mentioned below Melbourne will also be holding their own Marathon. For more details check http://melbournescullython.freehomepage.com and www.scullymarathon.com.

Site Update
I've added a page for Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek) and Jeff Gulka (Gibson Praise) to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

I've updated The Beginning and S.R. 819 on my Season 6 episode guide.

Added Friday, April 20, 2001
The Panel Is To Blame
This from Adam on ausxfnews:
According to yesterday's Daily Telegraph, the reason that The X-Files was moved from Wednesday to Thursday is because the producers of The Panel, Working Dog, have the right to choose which show The Panel airs after. They chose Law and Order this year over The X Files, since they were disliking the no-Mulder situation. Law And Order moved from it's old Monday spot to Wednesday this week.

Aus Media News
There is a photo of Gillian Anderson wearing the infamous Vanity Fair Oscar party dress with the low back (see last month's InfoKiosk for initial news) in the April 9 issue of the New Zealand Women's Weekly available at some Australian newsagents. Yesterday's The Australian newspaper has a short review of last night's episode, "The Gift". Last Sunday's Sunshine Coast Sunday On TV magazine had a photo of Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick and Mitch Pileggi and a plot-summary of "The Gift":
Agent Doggett is investigating what appears to be the last case Mulder worked on before his disappearance. Phone records show that Mulder was in Pennsylvania just prior to disappearing and case records show he investigated a family there.Doggett arrives at their house and Doggett notices 3 gunshots plaster over in their wall. Doggett returns to Mulder's flat and an intensive search turns up a weapon with catridges missing. Doggett also discovers what appears to be false case reports giving him an alibi and also implicating Scully.
The Hoyts website lists Jurassic Park 3 (starring Tea Leoni with a August 30 release date.

ThanX Lucy.

Texas Rangers
The Australian release date for Texas Rangers (Robert Patrick is in the cast) has been pushed *way* back, from May 31 to September 6.

Rock For Choice
There's a photo of Gillian Anderson in this week's NW magazine (page 2) where the caption writer criticizes Gillian's unshaved armpits! The photo is from the Feminist Majority's Rock For Choice concert on Friday, April 6.

Sold Out Rock for Choice Concert Sends a Powerful Message: We Won’t Go Back!

Some of the industry’s top musicians, including Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLachlan, and Paula Cole, played to an impassioned sold out crowd last Friday, April 6, at the Los Angeles Rock for Choice Concert to benefit the Feminist Majority’s Campaign to Save Roe. Emceed by X-Files star Gillian Anderson, the five-hour concert raised money and awareness of the possibility that President Bush could appoint as many as two anti-abortion Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court—a move that could overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which legalised abortion. “There are rumors Bush will soon appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will make abortion illegal. This is 2001. It’s unconscionable. Without reproductive control, we have no equality. We will not go back!” said Anderson.

The crowd, speckled with celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Kathy Najimy, Helen Hunt and Portia de Rossi, cheered in support of every mention of protecting women’s rights and abortion rights. “Thank you for helping all women be able to make a choice!” said Paula Cole. “It seems absolutely bloody ridiculous we have this issue still in 2001,” McLachlan said of the fight against abortion restrictions. Concertgoers had the opportunity to sign petitions to Senator Daschle and Senator Leahy urging them to lead the Senate to oppose any anti-choice Justices nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

From Feminist Majority Foundation Online.
The Saturn Awards
From The Hollywood Reporter:
Nominations for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films' 27th annual Saturn Awards have been announced. The Awards will be presented on June 12 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Century City, California. Nominees in the 3 categories where The X-Files is up for an award are:

Actress on Television:
Jessica Alba, Dark Angel; Gillian Anderson, The X-Files; Claudia Black, Farscape; Charisma Carpenter, Angel; Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager.

Actor on Television:
Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1; Jason Behr, Roswell; David Boreanaz, Angel; Ben Browder, Farscape; Robert Patrick, The X-Files; and Kevin Sorbo, Andromeda.

Network Television Series:
Angel; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Dark Angel; Roswell; Star Trek: Voyager; and The X-Files.

Site Update
I've added "The Gift" to my Season 8 episode guide.

Added Thursday, April 19, 2001
The Gift
Tonight's episode of The X-Files is "The Gift".

Added Wednesday, April 18, 2001
Season 2 on DVD
Season 2 of The X-Files was released on DVD in Australia today.

The Good Old Days?
Lucy has provided the transcript to last week's (short) Herald-Sun review of "Badlaa". You can read it on my episode guide page.

Also from last Thursday's Courier Mail here is the review they had for recently screened Foxtel episodes:
Yearning for the good old days when Fox Mulder was a key part of The X- Files? Heck, he was The X-Files! You can't afford to miss this week's offering on Fox 8. These are 2 classic episodes. In the first, we have Scully desperately searching for a way to reverse the process that caused Mulder and Morris Fletcher to swap identities. The next episode is called How the Ghosts Stole Christmas and we see Mulder and Scully trapped in a haunted house by two ghosts who seem to think they would like to have the FBI agents as permanent visitors. These are later episodes of the show and the second in particular is a little wacky.
Site Update
I've updated pages for Unusual Suspects, Detour, Post-Modern Prometheus, Travelers, Mind's Eye, All Souls, Folie A Deux and The End on my Season 5 episode guide.

I've updated El Mundo Gira on my Season 4 episode guide.

Added Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Lab Boy's Birthday
One of The X-Files favourite "minor" characters is the sadly missed Agent Pendrell. Brendan Beiser who played Pendrell is celebrating a birthday today. He was born in 1970. I've added a page for Brendan Beiser to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

Added Monday, April 16, 2001
Caffeine Hit
The June 2001 issue of the US magazine Sci Fi is now available at comic shops locally (weeks earlier and for $2.50 less than at newsagents, BTW) and it has a 6 1/2 page X-Files article and short reviews of Evolution (starring David Duchovny) and Jurassic Park 3 (starring Tea Leoni). The magazine has a Gillian Anderson cover. Also Starburst 271 has arrived at the newsagents now. Gillian Anderson is featured on the cover next to David Boreanz and besides the 3 page GA article there is also a 5 page Lone Gunmen article and a page on Annabeth Gish who plays a new FBI agent Monica Reyes plus a short review of Redrum.

The May issue of Cleo has a photo of Tea Leoni and daughter Madeleine West Duchovny and mentioned the fact that she is expecting her second child. There is also a photo of Tea Leoni and Woody Allen in TV Week while the Behind the Scenes section page in that mag features The X-Files property master Tommy Day. New Idea has the following paragraph in Celebrity Gossip:
David Duchovny gave a free concert to customers at Starbucks coffe shop in Malibu recently. The X-Files hunk was standing in line with Tea Leoni, holding his beautiful daughter Madelaine West, when for no apparent reason, the bub started bawling. So the patient papa sat down at a table with his pride and joy on his lap and proceeded to sing a lullabye. Five minutes or so later, her tears turned to joy - and David had achieved his best ever caffeine hit.
The tv.zap2it.com website had a Lone Gunmen story last week, but it contains X-Files spoilers for Australian viewers, so beware.

ThanX Lucy for the above news and the cover pic.

Site Update
I've added a second review of last week's "Badlaa" episode that appeared in The Canberra Times on Monday April 9. Transcribed by Rachael. Last Thursday's Herald Sun also had a short review of the ep. but I don't have a transcript.

I've added a page for William B Davis to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

I've also removed another "dead" Australian site from my Links page but added the new Ten MB X-Philes site, created by Australian X-Philes who post to the Channel Ten X-Files Messageboards.

Added Saturday, April 14, 2001
Bounty Hunter in Drag and other movie roles
The David Spade (writer/star) movie Joe Dirt has just been released (April 11) in the US and there's an uncredited appearance by Brian Thompson (The Alien Bounty Hunter) dressed in drag and playing a "Silence of the Lambs" type killer. Dressed in netted tights, bra and undies and kissing a dog, he turns in a performance to "totally freak you out".
From Jo.

The movie is released in Australia on May 24.

The Academy Award winning Traffic is still screening in Australia and James Pickens jr (Kersh) has a minor role. Also in the cast in small roles are Tucker Smallwood (Home) and Greg Boniface from the season 8 episode Surekill. That episode has an "In Memorium" dedication to Boniface who was killed in a car accident on December 24 last year.

Brendan Beiser (Pendrell) has a small role in Head Over Heels, to be released in Australia on May 31.

Added Friday, April 13, 2001
Site Update
I've added last night's episode "Badlaa" to my Season 8 episode guide. It includes the review from Monday's Sydney Morning Herald.

I've also added pages for Mitch Pileggi and Robert Patrick to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

Added Thursday, April 12, 2001
Tonight's episode of The X-Files is titled Badlaa. There's a review in today's Daily Telegraph.

Damn Lotto
In today's Courier Mail What's On section there is a photo of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from the movie on the Monday TV page where The X-Files is the Pick of Pay TV on Foxtel. The episodes reviewed are Dreamland, Dreamland II and How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.

In yesterday's Herald Sun Home Entertainment Guide section the letters page has a large photo of Gillian Anderson accompanied with the Letter of the Week. from Jody Henderson of Hoppers Crossing:
When The X-Files moved from Wednesday to Thursday nights, I thought, hooray, no more annoying midweek Tattslotto numbers rudely displayed over Dana Scully's (Gillian Anderson) face. But wouldn't you know - now its damn OZ Lotto numbers appearing over Scully's face. Granted green,yellow and blue all complement Scully's hair beautifully, but could Ten either move The X-Files to a night that doesn't have a damn lotto draw or put them over an ad where nobody cares about them anyway?

Thank heavens for Foxtel. You don't have to put up with this type of disrespect toward viewers by plastering irrelevant annoyances over the top of programmes.
ThanX Lucy.

Site Update
I've added revamped pages for David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, part of my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section. I've also added The X-Files Crew section with information on Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban.

Happy Easter everyone!

Added Tuesday, April 10, 2001
Tension Mounts
The Western Australian Sunday Times magazine TV Extra has a cover photo of Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick and Mitch Pileggi and a 1 page article inside. The article is [with the exception of a few words] the same one that appeared in last month's Courier Mail and Adelaide Sunday Mail TV Plus magazines. [Click here to see the photo that was used with both those stories.] The following appears in the bottom right hand corner of the magazine: "The X Files Tension Mounts" while the blurb on page 4 reads "Tension mounts on The X Files as the sparks fly between Scully and newcomer Agent Doggett." The photo acompanying the article is the same that appeared with the March 4 Sun Herald Television magazine article on Gillian Anderson.
ThanX to Lucy for the news and the two photos.

Mutated Indian
Yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald had a review of "Badlaa" in The Guide. I'll add it to my episode guide for "Badlaa" later this week.

Wilder Napalm
The movie Wilder Napalm screens this Saturday night (well Sunday morning actually), commencing at 2:20am on channel 9. The X-Files connexion? It's written by X-Files staffer, writer/producer Vince Gilligan. It stars Debra Winger and Dennis Quaid and also in the cast are M Emmett Walsh (the "other" Arthur Dales from "The Unnatural") and Mimi Lieber from "Born Again".

Added Sunday, April 8, 2001
Site Update
I've added Lazarus, Young At Heart and E.B.E. to my Season 1 episode guide.

Added later Saturday, April 7, 2001
Site Update
I've added Surekill and Salvage to my Season 8 episode guide.

I've also updated my Links page, adding two Australian websites:
The Sixth Extinction and
11:21 - Mark's Unofficial X-Files Analysis.

Added Saturday, April 7, 2001
Gillian in the Men's Mags
The latest issue of Black and White has a 4 page Gillian Anderson article in it including a full page photo. The photo is the same one that the Sun-Herald used for the cover of its Television magazine dated Mar 4-10 while the other photos in the article are from her movie House Of Mirth. The latest issue of Ralph comes with a supplementary booklet of their 150 sexiest women. Gillian Anderson just makes the list at no.150 and there is a photo of her included. The latest issue of the Australian Empire magazine has a half page review of Robert Patrick's movie All the Pretty Horses.
ThanX Lucy.

Site Update - Australian Media
I've added the transcripts of ten old stories from Australian newspapers or magazines to my Australian Media page. See pages for April 2000, June 2000, July 2000 and August 2000.

Added Thursday, April 5, 2001
Salvage ... Badlaa
Tonight's episode of The X-Files is called "Salvage". Next week's ep. is "Badlaa" and Lucy tells me there's a short review of it in today's Courier-Mail, along with a colour pic of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick.

There's a new Australian X-Files mailgroup, an off-shoot of ausxfnews, that is for discussion of You can join by clicking here.

Birthday Greetings
Happy birthday to everybody's favourite FBI Assistant Director. Mitch Pileggi aka Walter Skinner, is 49 today.

Added Tuesday, April 3, 2001
All The Pretty Horses
According to the Hoyts website, yet another Robert Patrick movie, (see below), All The Pretty Horses gets released in cinemas here on May 10. The movie is directed by Billy Bob Thornton and stars Matt Damon and Henry Thomas. Ruben Blades from season four's El Mundo Gira and Lucas Black from The X-Files Movie also have prominent roles.

Meanwhile, Spy Kids (featuring Robert Patrick -- see below) is number one at the US box office this week.

It looks like Channel 10 has decided not to serve us up with an Easter repeat of The X-Files, and according to this week's TV Week, Badlaa will screen on Thursday April 11.

X-Files Re-opened
The Newcastle Herald TV Guide article mentioned back on March 1 has been added to my Australian Media page.

Soap Suds
The latest issue of Soap World has a one-page article on Twin Peaks and there are a couple of sentences mentioning David Duchovny's role as the transvestite FBI agent Dennis/Denise. In Inside Soap magazine there is a photo of Gillian Anderson with short summaries of the season 2 and some season 3 X-Files episodes to be shown on Foxtel this month. In TV Soap there is a photo of David Duchovny with the following short paragraph: [While the paragraph doesn't give away any plot spoilers, some might not want to read it, but if you do just hold down your cursor]
Fans of The X-Files will be pleased to hear that sexy David Duchovny is back on the screen in the US this month. Mulder makes a triumphant return to the FBI agency. Scully (Gillian Anderson) may be a little jealous because he is not alone - there is a sexy new agent in tow. (Agent Monica Reyes played by Annabeth Gish)

Return To You
This month's Civic Video Magazine has a list of the top 10 new releases including Return To Me on DVD and also a section called Yours to Own where you can pick up a used video copy of the movie. Check with your local Civic Video store for further details.

A big thanX to Lucy for most of the news above and for transcribing the Newcastle Herald article :-)

That Dress
Three other Aussie magazines, Woman's Day, NW and New Idea, have jumped on the bandwagon and printed pics of Gillian Anderson in "that dress" from the Vanity Fair party!

Click here to see a pic.

ThanX to both Clare on ausxfnews and Lucy.

Melbourne Marathon
A Melbourne Scully marathon has been announced. At this stage it's probably going to be on June 30 at Monash Uni Clayton. For more details check the melbournescullython website. There's also a mailing list at Yahoo.
From Fiona on ausxfnews.

Added Sunday, April 1, 2001
The Casting Couch
Last week's Woman's Day had a full page story on an upcoming movie called Spy Kids that opens in Australia on June 21 and mentioned Robert Patrick as being in the cast. The movie is written/directed by Robert Rodriguez and also has George Clooney and Antonio Banderas in the cast, as well as X-Files guests Tony Shalhoub from season 2's Soft Light and Danny Trejo from Redrum.

Robert Patrick has been mucho busy lately. He has roles in three other upcoming films: William B Davis has also been busy with three recent movies: Nicholas Lea has also filmed Ignition starring Bill Pullman. There's no Australian release date for that yet.

Still Scary After All These Years
The wonderful Lucy, who seems to be providing me with most of my news lately, has transcribed the The X-Files article in last week's Brisbane Sunday Mail TV Scene magazine. You can read it on my Australian Media page.

There was also a review of Surekill in Thursday's Courier Mail.

A Better Deal, OK.
That Vanity Fair Oscar party photo of Gillian Anderson (see last month's InfoKiosk) also appeared in Wednesday's The West Australian newspaper.

In other news the February issue of the UK magazine Impact has a 4 page article on Vertical Limit with a couple of sentences on Nicholas Lea. Also there are short reviews of Vertical Limit and The Family Man (Tea Leoni) in the January 26 issue of the UK magazine OK, now out at some newsagents. Both movies received a 3 star rating by the magazine.

There is also a photo each of Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson in that particular magazine which the following article:
Everything comes to he (or she) who waits, and Gillian Anderson has every reason to be feeling pretty smug at the moment. The X Files star has campaigned for years to be given the same treatment and pay as her co-star David Duchovny. often to no avail. Duchovny, the producers said, was the lynchpin in the show. Now. of course, Duchovny is only appearing in a few episodes of the current season and Gillian is carrying the rest of the series, with help from former Terminator 2 star Robert Patrick.The result? Ratings are up by almost 10 per cent since Duchovny went part-time. That's an impressive turnaround for a show that many insiders had thought was past its peak. Now the word on the grapevine is that the producers are thinking of producing another season of The X Files without Duchovny altogether. Don't worry if you are a Duchovny fan, because the show's creator, Chris Carter, is also planning another X Files movie and fully intends to have Duchovny on board for that. But, in a pleasant turn of events, this time it's Gillian who'll get the better deal.
The Duchovny News Planet website has announced that the US release for Zoolander (David Duchovny has a cameo role in the Ben Stiller movie) has now been put back until the US autumn, meaning that its Australian release won't be May 24 as previously announced.
ThanX to Lucy for the above three items.

Video Correction
ThanX also to Benny for pointing out that the third episode in the next X-Files feature video is actually Three Words.

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