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A couple of the MAIN Areas of attack are as follows:
*The orginal spelling ? KAU,KAUTZ,KAUP,KAUB,KOCH,KOWE,KOUGH,KEOUGH are under investigation,or any other that fall in the soundex code(KOOO) or (COOO)

COW,COWE,I'm also working on a few of the "C" variations.

*Where exactly in the Bavarion region? Maybe Baden-Wurtenberg? Winterbach and Contwig ? Switzerland?

*Documents for the actual ship arrival in 1757?

*Oath of Alligence?When the ship landed?or taken as late as 1776 in PA/MD maybe later.There was a mass push for the Oath to be taken in 1776 in the county that the men lived in as the Rev.War approached.

*List of the siblings and exactly how many arrived in PA with Jacob.

*The land owner Jacob worked for, or exactly where? Philadelphia area all the way down to Maryland possibly.

*Which church were Jacob and Susannah married at.

*Where was their property in Maryalnd from 1776-1785?

*Christening records for the children?Where,and which church.

My Kindred Kousins and I have been working dilegenlty to find the answers to many unaswered questions about Jacob and Susannah and the early years.

I would like to thank the following new found Kin. We found each other on the Genforum Boards of, and have been exchanging a great deal of information to help each other out, as well as pool our resources to find the truth to the information.

Susan D. Coy Lowe,who is decended thru William G.Coy and Sarah Jane Steele.William G.Coy was one of Henry (b)1789 and Anna Maria Schnepp children.

Linda-Is a decendant of both the Schnepp sisters,Anna Maria and Barbara (to Jacob B.1792) that marry the 2nd genration COY BOY's, and marry while in Beavercreek Twp.

Phyllis Hawker Thorman-Decendant of Andrew Hawker that marry's Susanna (b)1776. Her ancestor comes with the Coy's to Beavercreek, and eventually thier 3 boy's start the Hawker church in Beavercreek Twp.
I also found that we have a later connection with 2 COY's siblings marrying 2 YINGLING sisters.

Jim de Waal Malefyt-Who is a kindred connection thru the John Coy (1811) and Mary Snider marriage.He has provided an enormous amount of information about the early years in Tiffin Twp. and Springfield.I will probably create a tab just for this kindred information because the Town Of Evansport is named for this line of people.

All of us are committed to correct sourceable documents,integrity is of the utmost importance.

My latest Kindred find,is Lou Lauderbach. I think he and I have have at least 10 family surname connections in the Dayton Area.So we haven't decided which "One" yet.I think we have narrowed it down to John Coy b.1811(Peter S,Jacob,Jacob) and Catherine Colser b.1826. Lou has over 300 Cosler in his database,and many more families from the following: Wolfe's,Coy,Darst,Zimmerman,Shoup,Putterbaugh,Ritter,Ferguson,Soleinger(Zollinger),and Steele.WHEW...
He has given me a great deal of information and I am trully appreciative of that.I will be using Lou as a source to perhaps fill in a great deal more in my databse,especially burials records if he has already got that information.
I in turn will try to help with any of the searches I have underway to fill in gaps in his specific family hunts.

I have found another Kindred Kin,Liz Stratton who has given me a good bit of information on the Yingling and Folkerth family connection.Liz and I are connected thru Valentine Coy and Sevilla Folkerth marriage.Also it seems that Sevillas half brother John Engle,marry's an Elizabeth Coy.I will go back and state the specific relationship at a leter time.

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Kindred Kin-each can back up their research.Census,Land Records,Church Records,Family History Books or articles,Specific books related to each County and location.