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Evansport-Our Relatives and Neighbors
The Jacob Coy Family

Here is a list of just a few of the Springfield Twp.(Williams Co.)and Tiffin Twp.(Defiance Co.)Families that we marry into,and they into the COY family line as well as several crosses into each other.


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I'm going to list information about our connections to the other families of the Evansport area. Our story unfolds much like the Beavercreek-Dayton,Ohio story.several familiys stayed connected in land holdings and marriages between them.

1850-Williams Co.Census-Springfield Twp

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I believe their family had been in the Virgina area before Dayton,Ohio-early 1800.
The COY family had a close relationship with this family in the Dayton area before my branch of COY's migrated to the Tiffin River area in the early 1830's.
My Mary Polly Jones Coy,widow of John COY, marries Woolery Coonrad and becomes step-mother to his 5 children.Our families stay close for many more generations, and some of our family members migrate to Hazeltown,Iowa in the early 1860's.

I will fill in a good deal of details for this family too. We have connections with them in the Pa years 1780-all thru the Tiffin River,and Hazelton,Iowa years. Basically, the COY's and HALL's remain friends, if not kindred for nearly 200 years.

Several spellings to post, and ALOT of info to tell about them.
Our family's had been friends in the PA years 1780-1800.However they remained in PA, and it isn't until the 1830's some of the family joins us in the Tiffin River area.

I believe this family had lived in the New York area in the early 1700's before Pa, and eventually the Tiffin River area. It is not until the early 1830's that we have a union of the family's, but will remain long term kindred. I have over 200 Packards in my database. This family also goes to Hazeletown,Iowa with some of the Coy's.

This family orginated with James Purtee 1730 in Versallies,France coming to America and died about 1800 in Bourbon,Ky.He and his brother Benjamin lived near Loudon Co.,Va during the Revolution time period.
He had many decdendants that came the Tiffin River area in the early 1820's.
George Partee and Rachel Hauge had Enos Partee who came. Uncle John Partee and Nancy Williams,and a few other related Partees come to help settle early Tiffin River area.

This family came to America from Soultz-Sous-Forets,France.This is near the area of Lamperthsloch,outside of Strausborg along the lower Rhine River.Many of the family came to America in the early 1700's but we came connected to them in the Williams/Defiance Co. era in the mid 1850's.
Their were family members that were living in the Dayton,Ohio area t the same time as the Coy's,however I don't have any connection to them until around 1850's.


Our two family's were part owners in a Lumber Mill.We will ejoy a long line of kindred between these family's.

This family is one that lived near the COY's in the Franklin Co.,Pa area in the 1780-1790's.They migrated to Beavercreek (Dayton)Ohio with us in 1801, and then a couple of the grand-children of their Progenitor migrate to the Tiffin River area with us in the 1830's.
Their are only a couple of marriages bewteen the family's,however the COY's and SULLINGERS remain close for over 4 generations,nearly 100 years.

I have found an URQUHART Castle in Scottland, in the lower portion of the Country.
This family stays connected to the Coys from Williams Co./Defiance Co. to some of the family migrating to Hazeltown,Iowa in the early 1860's

My Generations Report-31pgs

There are several more Pioneer families of Defiance/Williams County that we are connected in some kindred form or another.

Early Death Records(Partial)-Williams Co.

Civil War-48th OVVI-Defiance Co.-many family connections listed

Replogle Family Genealogy site-Extensive

Romspert family pages -

Defiance County Homepages

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