The Jacob Coy Family

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Pioneering Family Photo's

Cornelius Zimmerman and Roy Coy


Photo to left-(pg.22-B'C chronicles)
I believe this is the same, Roy Coy b.1903, and I believe this to be either his grandfather Cornelius Zimmerman, or an uncle. The photo is dark so I can't tell if his uniform is WWI or WWII..I tend to beielve that it is WWI, and his birth in 1896 would fit.

I have a Cornelius Zimmerman b.1844 and d.1929 in my database.If this is the same man, he would be 70yrs in this photo,if the young standing next to him were a soldier in WWI abt.1914.


Cora Zimmerman and Newton Coy
pg.178-Bc Chronicles

I found this information in the 1910-Census of Greene Co.
(photo-above to the right)
Newton Coy b.1874 and Cora Zimmerman Coy b.1875-in Zimmerman
They had the following children listed, Roy b.1896, Crawford b.May 3,1899 d.May 1975, and Dortha M b.1905

Farm of Daniel C.Coy


The farm of Daniel C.Coy was located North of Dayton-Xenia Road.The farm looks toward the present location of longview drive.(pg.91-B'C Chronicles)
photo submited by Mr.&Mrs.Horace Coy

I also have found in the Census records this Daniel C Coy b.1874 and his wife's name was Ida L b.1876-their son Horace Coy was born 1903

Johannes V.Johns



John Valentine Johannes(Johann V.Johannes-Johns)(photo-upper left)
b.Jan.13,1833 in Bavaria,Germany.Johannes immigrasted to America with 3 brothers and one sister.One of his brothers settled in Piqua,Ohio the others spread out across the land.(pg.127-B'C chronicles)

I imagine my Jacob Coy b.1739 could have looked similar to this man.He has a nice rugged face,and full beard worn by most of the Reformed German men.

Sarah Ritter Hawker


I will fill in details of Sarah when I find all the info.

This is significant to my family story because she is from the Ritter and Hawker family's.There are also the faimliy's of Yingling and Folkerth connected thru COY marriages and this lovely lady pictured above.

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The Tobias Family


front row:(r to l)Martin Luther Tobias,William Tobias(1821-1910)Jane Miller Tobias,Samuel Tobias
back row:Katherine Tobias Barney,William A.Tobias,Orville Dewey Tobias,Elizabeth Tobias-(pg.142 B'C chronicles)
submitted by Bob&Ruth Tobias

My COY family had known and been one of the earliest settlers with the Tobias family.I aslo have Tobias,Swigert,and Miller in our marraiges to the COY's.(pg.142 full story)
When I look at this photo, I imagine my COY family sitting down for a family photo in the same fashion as these folks.Notice the men on the fron row all have bows ties,and dark suits of the day.The Matriarch of the family is wearing a heavy black dress buttoned high up her neck,and her hair is pulled back in a tigh bun.
The younger man on the back row,on the right is the only one with a long tie.The younger woman are wearing pretty white dresses. The patterns probbaly have some time of ornamentation to the actual fabric and design.

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(photo-to the left)
William Agustus Johannes-a decedant of Johannes V.Johns.(pg.129-B'C chronicles)

I include the photos of the Johns, because the their is a marriage between the COY's and the JOHNS.But mostly because these photos are a nice portrayal of what the hair style,and facial hair style was for men of this time period.

My COY family have nice rounded faces, and their hair color was probably dish-water blonde to the brown hues,maybe even shades of auburn.

1910-Census-Greene County

Beavercreek Chronicles-there are 3 pages of biography and sources listed