Jacob's Grandchildren-Dayton,Ohio area


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The Jacob Coy Family

Susanna Coy Hawker-b.1776 and Andrew HAWKER b.1768

Andrew's parents and sibilings are unknown,I will add when the info. is correct)

1)Frederick b.1805 married Sarah RITTER b.1808.Sarah was the daughter of ?(either Tobias or Jacob)
Fredericks 2nd wife was Mary KERR b.abt.1800
2)Catherine b.1806 married Emanuel RITTER b.1798,probably brother of Sarah RITTER (parents )
3)Adam b.1813 married Hannah WESTFALL b.1819(Parents-John Westfall b.abt 1790 and Mary Shinepp b.abt 1790)(SCHNEPP?)
Adams 2nd wife was Martha S.HAMM b.abt.1800
4)Abraham b.1818 married Elizabeth CLEMONS
5)Jacob -unknown marriage died in Lafeyette,Ind.
6)Elizabeth b.abt 1800 married Abraham MORGAN b.abt.1800
7)Mary "Polly"b.abt 1800 married John W.WOLFE b.abt 1800(many Wolfes-I'm working on parents)
8)Susannah b.abt 1800 married John ALEY b.abt.1800 (many Aley-working on parnets)
9)Eve b.abt.1800 married John WEAVER b.abt.1800 (many Weavers-working on parnts)
10)Barbara b.abt.1800 maried William S.VAN CLEAF (woking on parents)
11)Otto -unknown info

Catherine Coy Smeltzer b.1778 and Andrew SMELTZER b.1765

Andrews parents and sibilings unknown,but I have strong leads,and will add when correct

1)Eve b.1795 married John HUDDELSON b.1783
2)Esther Smeltzer b.1795-no other info
3)Catherine Smeltzer b.1797-no other info
4)Mary "Polly" b.1800 married Johnathan HAINES b,1802(parents Jacob HAINES and Mary?)Many HAINES are related

Adam Coy b.1780 and Catherine COSLER Coy:Catherine MARTIN Coy

His 1st wife Catherine COSLER Coy b.abt.1780(her parents were Ludwig/Lewis Colser b.1756 and Elizabeth Durnbaugh b.1804)they had one child before his wife died .
1)Catherine b.1809 and William JOHN b.abt 1800 (will add parents when certain)

2nd wife -Catherine MARTIN Coy b.1784
1)Jacob A. b.1810 married Catherine KERSTENBORDER b.abt.1810
2)Nicholas b.1811 married Charolotte SHOUP b.1820(parents Moses SHOUP b.abt.1790 and Elizabeth MILLER b.abt.1790)
3)Andrew b.1813-no other info
4)Peter b.1816 married Mary Elizabeth YINGLING b.abt 1810 (parents-working on.She is sister to Catherine)
5)Susan b.1818 married Jacob HAINES b.abt.1810 (which one)
6)David b.1819 married Catherine YINGLING b.1824(sisters)
7)Abraham b.1820 married Catherine ZIMMERMAN b.1831 (parents Jacob ZIMMERMAN b.abt.1800 and Mary SHOUP b.1810)
8)Henry J. b.1823 married Susannah ARCHER b.1820
9)Elizabeth b.1824 married Henry J. SHOUP b.1818 (parents Solomon SHOUP b.abt.1790)
10)Rebecca b.1829 married Isreal MERRICK b.1825 (parents Joseph MERRICKb. abt.1800 and Susan BOSTON b.abt.1800)
11)Adam b.1831 married Catherine DUNCAN b.abt.1830

**John Coy b.1783 and Mary "Polly" JONES b.1787

1)Susanna b.1805 married Jacob HALL b.1803
2)Jacob b.1807 married Mary Ann SHANK b.1811
3)Adam b.1809 married Mary DILL b.1811
**4)John b.1811 married Mary SCHNEIDER b.1809
5)Nancy Ann b.1814 married J.Henry SCHNEIDER b.1807
6)Caleb b.1818 d.1840
7)Mary "Polly" Ann b.1819-William Brown PACKARD b.1815
8)Andrew b.1821 married Maria CAZETT b.1816

Peter Coy b.1787 and Elizabeth RITTER Coy b.1788

Elizabeth Ritter was the daughter of Tobias RITTER b.1764 and Eve Catherina?abt.1760

1)John b.1811 married Catherine COSLER b.1827(P-Lewis Cosler b.abt.1800 and Elizabeth DURNBAUGH b.abt.1800)
2)Anna Maria b.6/5/1814-no other info
3)Tobias R. b.9/2/1816-died in infancy
4)Sarah b.1819 married Thomas YOUNG b.abt.1820
5)Emanuel b.9/10/1822-died in infancy
6)Jacob b.2/25/1823-no other info
7)Susanna b.1825 married Jacob I.ROMSPERT b.abt.1820

Henry Coy b.1789 and Anna Maria SCHNEPP Coy b.1809

Anna Maria was daughter of Leoanrd SCHNEPP b.1753 and Catherine STRAUB b.1760,she is also sister to Barbara

1)Catherine b.abt.1810-no further info
2)Susan Ann b.abt.1810 married Sappington B. KEILER b.1839
3)William G. b.1818 married Sarah Jane STEELE b.1818
4)Ann Mary b.1816
5)Jacob H. b.1820 married Rebecca Helen BUCK b.1849(P-Henry Buck and Hannah FISHER)
6)Daniel b.1824 married Sarah MORGAN b.1841(bro.Abraham MORGAN)
7)Leonard b.1836-died 1906 in Elkhart,In.

Mary Coy Darst b.1791 and Jacob DARST b.1785

Jacob as son of Benjamin F.Darst and ?

1)John b.1811 married Mary STRANSBERGER b.abt.1810
2)Sarah Ann b.1810 married Johnathan DAVIS abt.1810
3)Elizabeth b.1810 married Benjamin HAINES b.abt.1810
4)Mary Ann b.1811 married Lorenzo Dow COTTREL b.1810
5)Susanna b.1810 married David HOUSTON b.abt.1810

Jacob Coy b.1792 and Barbara SCHNEPP Coy b.1795

Barabra was the daughter of Leonard Schnepp b.1753 and Catherine Straub b.1760,sister Anna Maria

1)Jacob b.1813
2)Catherine b.1820
3)Henry b.1822 married Lucins COSTENBORDER b.abt.1820
4)Susanna b.1825
5)Rebecca b.1827-Joseph BROWN abt.1820
6)Adam b.1835
7)Leonard b.1837 married Sarah BENHAM b.1840
8)Peter abt.1840
9)Sarah abt.1840
10)David abt.1840
11)Anna abt.1840

Most of all of the grandchildren of Jacob and Susannah were born in Dayton Area(Greene Co. or Montgomery Co.)Of the 8 sets of parents,(their children) I believe all lived in Greene Co.,most in Beavercreek Twp.,Sugarecreek Twp.,or Bath Twp. I will go back thru notes to specify.
At this point Jacob and Sususannh were the proud grand-parents of 64 grand-children.The children were born from about 1797-1840 approximetly.
I have not started my list of the great-grand children's spouses and children.

When I print a generation report for Jacob b.1739,and down thru his John(my lineage) it takes 64 pages to print off people and information.

Because of the range in ages,the oldest grand-children were getting married and having great-grandchildren, at the same time the youngest grandchildren were just being born. The Dayton,Ohio area was growing very rapidly and enjoying a steady increase in population with just the contributions from my progenitor Jacob Coy and his wife Susannah.

Familytreemaker program V.8-nearly 6000 people in the database.
The information came primarily from COY FAMILY BOOK-by Jean Coy Bartholomew
Other info from the Beavercreek Chronicles used over 20 sources