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Where the COY's are-Migrations
The Jacob Coy Family

The Migrations across America

Ohio Valley Migration-1801

During the course of many years there seems to have been at least 3 pretty big migrations of my COY's across America.

To begin this piece Jacob Coy,my progentior and his siblings started out in America in 1758.They arrived much like all of the other new German immigrants.We believe he arrived in the Philadelphia area.Since his parents had now persihed at sea,he had a longer labor contract than most to fufill.It seems he stayed in the Philadelphia area from 1758 until at least 1776,when he married Susannah.At this point he and his bride bought land in the Maryland area for a short period of time,and then moved back onto the Cumberland Co.(Franklin Co.)side of Pennsylvania.
He and Susannah must have stayed very close to their freinds and relatives,because they were preparing for the mass migration to the Ohio Valley by 1801.
All of the men that served in the Revolutionary War had been paid in a land title deal as their payment from the government.Jacob had just recieved 3000 acres in the now Dayton,Ohio area.

Evansport,Ohio-Tiffin River migration-1832

This is my COY line that migrated to (Williams Co.& Defiance Co.)along the Tiffin River area in 1832.We are 98% certain that all COY's from this area even today hailed from Jacob Coy b.1739 and settled the Dayton,Ohio area.

Iowa Bound-Hazelton,Ia

Iowa Bound-Hazelton Co.(COYTOWN)1850
This was our 3rd large family migration.The COY's,along with PACKARDS and several other families made their way to Hazeltown Ia. At one point it was going to be called COYTOWN. It seems that we all were invloved in a brick making business for the entire area in Iowa.
I will fill in with all of the names and family groups that made this migration


It seems that a couple families traveled thru the busy route of Elkhart,Indiana which is located in the Northern portion of the state.Elkhart is right along the Michigan border,half way to point of E-W of the state.
I am not certain if we stayed or were just passing thru for a couple years,on the way to perhaps Iowa for land.

Their are decenedants of Henry Coy,(4th son of Jacob Coy) and wife Anna Maria Schnepp that show records of a birth and deaths in Elkhart,Ind.
Thier son Leonard b.1836-(7th child)is recorded as dieing 1906 here, and son Henry C.-(5th child)as having a son with Rebecca H.Buck,Leonard b.1850 in Elkhart,Ind.

I am also researching Otto Hawker,grandchild of Jacob said to have died in Elkhart,Ind. and the Smeltzer(Schmeltzer) lineage which has a heavy settlement in Elkhart,Ind.
It seems that Elkhart,Ind. has a heavy concentration of the Mennonite faith at least thru the Smeltzer line.

Iowa-Davis Co.-1850
Some of the same family members that traveled thru Elkhart,Ind. also are recorded as going thru Davis,Ia. before a couple head to California.

Go West young COY-1850's

Dorwin COY and family head to Sonoma,California area in about 1850-1860 time frame

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