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Before the Ohio Migration-The Church's

This is a photo of the the Church in Washington Co,Hagerstown,MD.,that Susannnah Coy and Andrew Hawker married in 1798.

I found her younger sister Catherine's records in a different church name in Hagerstown,Md.I have now determined that it is the same church, and that the name of the church fianlly becomes St.John Evengelical.I had it right all along . Catherine Coy and Andrew Smelzter married Dec.2,1795 at the following church Evangelical Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown(Hagerstwon)Md.
It was recorded as Nedren Schmalzer and Catherine Cau(Kau) by Rev.W.L.

I am still searching for the Christening records for all 12 of Jacob and Susannah's children.It is belived that the records would be in Washington or Fredrick County,Md. between 1776-1798.I have found birth records records for some of the friends at several of the local Hagerstown churches in both counties.It seems that the birth records are scattered between the PA/MD years for all of the Ohio group.

St.John's Evangelical(Luthern) Church-Hagerstown,Md.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Map of Hagerstown to Frederick

Map of Hagerstown to WV

Zion Evengelical and Reformed is the oldest German Reformed Church in Hagerstown,MD.Est. 1770.By 1785 the church had bells cast in Holland,and made of percious metal and even silver.

Other areas within the Hagerstown borders that our kindred kin,our the COY;s might have lived in for a brief period of time.
I have begun my search through church records at all locations in Washington and Frederick County in this general area.So far my search has yielded information from the above churchs where my search began.Now I have the documents in my possesion that my kindred cousin has had for over 20 years.

Hagerstown,Md is located in both Washington and Fredrick County.This could be the reason for the the difficulty of locating more of the records for the CAU/KAU/KAUS as we have found the spelling at this time period.
I found several churchs for all of the German Reformed Colony that the Beavercreek Gang seems to hail from:

Evangelical Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown(Hagerstown)-Washington,Co.MD
I found CAU/KAU-(Jacob's daughter Susannah and Andrew Hawker marriage and Catherine and Andrew Smelter also.
Shupp(Schuvv)marriages and baptisims
*Also 3 different records for CAU/KAU that at this point are not our family.I'm in the process to discover if these fit,or their name was recorded as the same surname and there is no connection.

St.Paul's Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Church(Clearsprings)-Washington,Co.MD
I found the Haines and Zollinger(Soleinger's)Shupp(Shoup/Shoub)

Zion Lutheran (Williamsport)-MD
Salem Reformed(at Clearfoss)-MD

Apple's Lutheran Reformed Church-MD
I found Adam Fischer
I found Maria Zimmerman

There are records for another COY family during this period,Ludwick KAU.His surname gets changed to COY at the same time as our Jacob.These records for he and his wife often get crossed with our records because he lived in the same German areas, and he has the children named John and Jacob at about the same years as ours.

At first I thought perhaps they were related,but then decided probably not.
I found a christening record for our Jacob II,(1792)in Hagerstown,Washington Cty.,MD while Ludwick has a Jacob christened 4 months earlier in Fredrick Cty.,MD. If Old Jacob and Ludwick were related,I would think they would attend the same church perhaps.

Then by the 1790 Census, Jacob and Henry are recorded in Montgomery Twp.,Franklin Cty,PA while Ludwick and Dewalt KAU/COW are in Fredrick Cty,MD.
Eventually it is Ludwick's decendents that move Kentucky and Ohio,I think Columbiana or Galinia Cty., while our COW/COYs are in Greene Cty.,Ohio by 1802.

I have been in touch with a lady named Treva Poe, who is decended through Henry Coy, she and I are still searching very hard , and I really believe her Henry and our Jacob are the long lost brothers. Her Henry settles in Columbiana,Ohio in the early 1800's. Her Henry also uses the same christian names that Jacob does. The Ludiwick and Frederick do not use the sme rythm for names that these 2 family's do. Which is one more reason I am of the opinion that they might fit as missing puzzle pieces.

I have been searching hard through all of the records for clues for the whereabouts of our COY's before the Ohio,looking at all of their friends info. All of the records for the Beavercreek Gang, always refer to Frederick,Md however my new finds are putting all of the friends in both Washington and Frederick Co.,Md.
The general area between MD/PA and maybe even WV, is still about 60 miles, too wide of an area because the population had become very dense with Germans in these locals.

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