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Jacob's Great-grandchildren

Solomon Coy was born April 11,1832 in Tiffin Twp.(Williams Co.)Ohio. Eventually the area becomes Evansport and becomes part of Defiance Co.(d)3/10/1882-Evansport,Ohio

Defiance County is formed from Paulding,Henry, and Williams County (1845)

Solomon Coy married Mary Ann Kintigh (b)3/5/1831-Mt.Pleasant Twp.,Westmorland Co.,Pa. (d)1919-Evansport,Ohio

They marry on Aug.11,1853-Williams Co.,Ohio by E.Spangler

They had the following Children:
John Oliver Coy (b)May,1854
Ellen B. Coy (b)Dec.5,1855
Franklin D.Coy (b)Oct.13,1857
Charles L.Coy (b)Sept.19,1859
*Thomas Ellsworth Coy (b)Aug.3,1861
James Edward Coy (b)Nov.1864

-John marry's Maggie Weiss, and they have 5 children
-Ellen B. marry's Benjamin Wellington Justus(Justice), they have 7 chliren
-Franklin marry's Amy Jane Skees,they have 9 children
-Charles L., dies in 1880,we don't know if he married
*-Thomas Ellsworth-marry's Mary Ann Kintigh,they have 6 children
-James Edward marry's Minnie Skees and has 3 children that we know of

Minnie and Amy Jane Skees are sisters

So this makes at least 30 grand-children for Solomon all born in the Evansport Ohio area between 1877-1901 time frame.

Mary Ann's father was John Kintigh (b)Dec.25,1803-Westmoreland,Pa and her mother was Hannah Rebecca Evans (b)Sept.9,1808-New Brunswick,Cananda

1850-Springfield Twp,Williams Co.Census

Hannah Rebecca Evans-It is her 2 uncles that Evansport,Ohio is named after. Their had been debate over the name of Coyville,but the name of Evansport is settled upon.

The town of Evansport is laid out by the Evans and John and Jacob Coy in the early 1830's.

This story was reasearched by Marilyn Coy,my Aunt. I will quote the material where she quotes this particular account of the towns namesake.
Documentation to be added

Solomon is known to have served in the Civil War,in the 121st Ohio Volunteer Regiment for the Union.

(Photo to be added)A tintype of Solomon in his Civil War uniform.
The photo I want to add appears in the Jean Coy Bartholomew book.There is great debate as to where the orginal photo on tintype is at present.
*My Aunt Marilyn had said that Jean and my Aunt Ella Mae Curtis Coy worked on the COY history together,or exchanged some information.Both of these ladies had lived in southern California.(These ladies are very distant Kindred Kin)

*My Aunt also stated that there were chew marks on this tintype made by her or my father when they were very young.What a way to cut teeth.

About the photo-I have a copy from Jean's book.But the photo is so dark I can not get it up on the website.My great-grandfather Thomas Ellsworth Coy, looks so very much like his father Solomon Coy.

Solomon's early years were spent working at the "COY & SNIDER" Lumber mill,that his father John partly owned and operated.

under construction

Their is a great deal of information for the Kintigh-Fisher family that has been supplied by her family researchers-Jim de Waal Malefyt
*I have several pages of Old Evansport Cememery records-from Rootsweb project

*Ohio Census,1790-1890-Williams Co.,Springfield Twp.-Solomon, pg.066,#OH15327896

*1910-Census code index lists all of the county's of Ohio-I have the entire COY index printed and can state the page and enumeration district if needed.

**I found a Civil War record for a Solomon Coy-in PA records, and a George Snyder is listed in this record.

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