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Bavarian Adventure into the Alps-Switzerland,Itlay,and Germany
The Jacob Coy Family

Spring break trip of 2003 will be to the Bavarian Region of our heritage!

The trip will tour Germany,Italy and Switzerland.

We will land in Frankfort,head to ontp Rothenberg,Munich,Neuschwanstein to see the Cinderella Castle of the mad King Ludwig,then visit Innsbruck, cross over into Venice Italy, come up through Mt.Pilatus and Lucerne Switzerland, and finally head up the Black Forest Rhine Falls to Heidelberg.
We will get to enjoy the view all along the Rhine.Many of our ancestors were from little towns and villages along this route.

2000-David and I did fly into the Frankfort,Germany Airport on Luftensa Airlines on our way to Rome.

Our sister Tracey, and brother Tom both served in the Army and were stationed in Germany. So,4 of dad's 6 children have at least stepped foot on German soil.

Bavarian Alps


This is how I imagine all of the Bavarian families lived in small homes up in the most scienic mountains along and thru the Alps.

Hopefully the trip in 2004 will be to Scottland area. my mother in law says that's where she wants to go again.

She is a teacher that has taken her students to Euorpe over Spring breack for over 15 years. She has always been associated with EF Tours,and Educational Travel group.

I really enjoy traveling in a group of 6 chaperones and about 45 students.We have everything already set for the plans and guides, and we can just go and be part of the planned activities.Their is usually a free day to do our own exploration on each trip.
If we were to try to plan these extensive 9 day trips on our ,they would not be cost effective nor would we have the guide with us who is helpful when another language is spoken,as well as cutlure and where to go issues come up.
This is the best time of my life getting to see the world with my husband,my brother and in-laws which I love very much.

David and I hope by this time we might know what the original spelling of our COY was. We may never really know though.

We also hope we might know exactly where in the upper Rhine that we hail from,this too may escape us forever.

When we do find out, we still will always consider the Heriatage GERMAN. Germany was split into some 300 Duechey's,and wasn't unified until 1840's.At this point our Jacob had been in America almost 100 years. So if the area is now part of Alsace,France,Switzerland or actually in Germany it doesn't matter.
It seems some of the other families were are from Switzerland and Alsace,France of which Strasbourg was the capital of.
The religion of Reformed German or Dunkard and the Bavarian language bond these families together for many generations in America.

Map of the Bavarion Region in the Upper Rhine Valley


The family names that we either know,or believe are from some part,or area of the Germany.
David said he did the math,and found out that he and I are 82% German at this point in our family lineage.

COY,(Kau/Cau)though the spelling is not right...YET...
KOCH-Bavaria or Romania
DECKER-(mom's side)
RUSSETT-(Wuttermberg-mom's side)

Spouse familys:

I will add more of the names and a more specific location,if it is known.

Our SCOTTISH heritage is in a couple lines that I have found.My mother's side of FRIZZELL has been suggested as being from upper Scottland orginally. A kinght followed his King, and then came back into the main parts of Enlgland.

Bavarian research site

Researching our Bavarian Roots

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