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Jacob's Great-grandchildren

15 Cemeteries within the township of Beavercreek -1800

The smaller cemeteries are maintained and preserved by the city of Beavercreek itself.These are the one's not affiliated with anyones property or a specific church.Most of the Cemeteries below fall into this category.There are only a couple that belong to a church,example HAWKER,ALEY,BEAVER.


COY Cemetery(20)1st Cemetery in Beavercreek Township

COY Cemetery(20)-located in the lower,left hand section of this map.It is located at the corner of Northfield Rd. and Shakerstown Rd.This land once was owned by Jacob Coy.
It has been documaneted as the 1st Cememtery in Beavercreek Twp.
There are very few few headstones actually in the cemetery,perhaps only eight in number. However,the land is large enough to probably hold 70 people if they were spaced the actual distance of a coffin apart.We are sure many family members are buried here and no records exist of there actual burial location.we feel the immediate family are more likely to be buried here,however their spouses,or realitives of spouses could exist.

The names known to be buried here,COY,BROWN,SMELTZER dates appear to be 1814-1877.
We have reasonable data that states Jacob's second daughter Catherine Coy Smeltzer b.1778-d.1802,to be the 1st one buried here.
The German families had just arrived in Beavercreek,she must not have made the journey well,or could have died in child birth.
*(My line)John Coy b.June 28,1783 d.Nov.8,1823-his widow Mary"Polly"Jones has a record of his death on her headstone in Defiance County.John Coy died in some kind of unfortunate horse accident,and is buried in his family cemetery,however no headstone is on this site.

*There a couple more people listed as being buried here:
Catherine Coy d.1831(not sure which one)
J Coy d.1837 (unsure which one)
Catherine Coy Smelzter(Jacob Coy's 2nd child)b.1778-d.1802
Johann Jacob Coy(Progenitor) b.1739-d.Dec.1832
Susannah(?)Coy-(wife) b.1754 d.1834
Brown?-possibly Rebecca Coy Brown or husband Joseph Brown.This connection is through Jacob Jr. (daughter)

MT.ZION(SHOUP)Cemetery (30)

Mt.Zion Cemetery is located on the NE corner of N.Fairfield and Indian Ripple Rd.This land was once owned by George Shoup.1804 George's son Moses,and his wife Elizabeth established this area as a formal cemetery.An association of 4 trustees was established,the sextents were B.F.Darst,Daniel Shoup,Michael Swigert,John Nave.To this day there are still descedants of these 4 orginial people,on todays trustee board.
The oldest burial is recorded as 1797,however no name is associated with this.

I know a good many of Beavercreek relatives to be buried in this cemetery,I just can't place them all at this time. Another project I'm sure.

MT.ZION PARK Cemetery(26)

This is still an active cemetery on the SW corner of N fairfield and Indian Ripple Rd.This cemetery is maintained by the city of Beavercreek.

HAWKER Cemetery (23)

I would tend to believe Susanna Coy Hawker,her children and all of her in-laws would be buried in this cemetery maintianed by the Hawker Church

CEMETERY TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS AND PHOTOGRAPHS by Kilner.This book has listings of COY's,in various locations per Laura Bader-Cemetery Com. of Beavercreek Hist.Society,this is her recomendation.

pg.151-153-Cemetery Photo found in Beavercreek Chronicles book published by the Historical Society

Greene County Cemetery Incsriptions Vol.VI-Beavercreek Twp.-by the Greene County Hist.Society

Laura Bader-Cemetery Committee/Beavercreek Historical Society is checking sources on any other records available.
She has access to all of the records in the local area and is gathering more details about the smaller and forgotten cemeteries in the area.