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(9th Generation)-Coy's go to Europe
The Jacob Coy Family

David and Connie's known heritage:German,Welsh,English,Irish,Scottish,maybe French


Chet and I- The Ring of Kerry area,The Irish Sea is in the background.(2001)

We travled 100 miles around the Ring of Kerry,stopping in many little towns along the way.My brother David and I play a game.Rate your one of our Top 5 Days in our life. This day, rates in that 5. Our bus driver was from County Mayo,and while we travled thru the countryside he played Celtic music,that was so melodic and enchanting. Some of the music was almost haunting as we listened.He also told the old Celtic Stories and Fairy Tales of long ago. I was really begining to understand my Irish Heritage.
Our known IRISH Heritage is thru our mother's side,the clan name MORAN from Northern Ireland,probably County Mayo.

We also were taught the Irish Drinking songs.What we in America don't understand,is that for so many years when Cromwell ruled these people,they were not allowed to gather in any community type of setting.So,when they were allowed to gather,they expressed their situations good and bad,in their songs.
We celebrated St.Patricks Day (March 17) in Killarney this year. I don't think I will ever look at St.Patricks Day the same way again. It is NOT about the GREEN BEER, contrary to what we now think in America,and by the way,Boston has nothing on their celebration.As one Irish lady said to me as she pulled me onto the dance floor, and we were expected to be singing too by the way. "You didn't come to Irleand to watch,Yank".There was nothing negative in the term "Yank". I am American,so I did as my feet and heart commanded.DANCE AND SING for Ireland!!

David and Connie-Piece of the Berlin Wall-March,1999.This is displayed outside of the Royal Imperial Museum in London,England.(photo below)


It was an awesome feeling for David and I to stand in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall, and realize that Germany of today now understands "FREEDOM" just a little bit more.To think our German forefathers helped create the very FREEDOM in America that so many take for granted.
I am taking about the Revolutionary War thru any current military actions.

David and Connie-London,England Big Bend in background


London was a really wonderful. We visited the Westminster Abby around the corner from Big Ben and Parilment.The Westminster Abby is where all of the Royalty is laid to rest in tombs and other fan fare.
Our TREHEARNES married into the Oliver Cromwell line,so it was quite an expierence to stand in from of Oliver Cromwell's tomb.He is the oldest relation in our line that we are aware of.He is also the most famous,and highest in power that we know of. He was revered in England, but just the opposite in Ireland.

The only other ENGLISH heritage name we are sure of is HAZZARD on dad's side.


David and I,Eifel Tower in Paris,France-1999

While in Paris we did get to visit Notre Dame Cathedral,the Louvre' museum,and then go to Versielles.There were some magnificent places and things to see in France. We then took the Chunnel train to London.

We are not sure if we actually have any French Heritage,I'm beginning to think not,though our COY's might have been from *Alsace,France. However in the mid 1700's everything near the Rhine River Area in the Alps, was Germanic in language and culture.
This is still being researched.

Webring to European Castles

Castles of the Brittish Isles

Castles of Wales website

(Photo below)David at Conway Castle, I took this photo from across on the other tower.

David standing on top of one of the Twin Towers at the Conway Castle that was built in 1050 A.D. The Castle is located in the Snowdonia National Park region in North Wales.


My Genealogy Journey really began on this day, on this tower at Conway Castle,North Wales.
My father's maternal surname was TREHEARNE, which is Welsh.The family name actually means "of the Castle or by the Castle.
TREHEARNE family clan name is either from Flintshire,or Carmenshire South Wales. The family motto is "Ofin Dduw A'r Brenhin" which means "Fear God & the King"

We got the chance to actually travel from London all across Wales to Mold(Wales), and over thru Snowdonia National Park to this castle.The next day we got on a ferry headed for Ireland.
As soon as we got back from this vacation,and I looked thru my pictures, the ROOTS bug had bitten me.I thought,how hard could it be to find the area of origin for each part of my lineage.The fun had only began as I started my Family search for the Beginings.


Chet and I standing in the Conway Castle on the Northern tip of Wales.This was the 1st Castle I had ever visited.

I liked that this castle had been left in it's orginal state.Where floor boards would have made an upper level,they had been left out to see the layout to the inside. The castle has not been altered to make a big tourist attraction, and this perhaps it's appeal for me.

I felt like I was touching history,as it was so many years ago.As we stood up on top of the towers and looked out over the countryside,I could feel the Celtic culture starting to make an impression on me.I was starting to understand that my roots had been from something long ago,that did not actually translate into the America we know today.


Conway Castle link

(photo below)Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guards


Watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace was a really a wonderful ceremony to watch.I felt compeled to add this photo to my website,because it now holds even more memories after the Attack of Sept.11,2001 in the United States.
On Fri.Sept.14,2001 the Queen of England had the American Anthem played while the guards marched to their regular ceremony.This was the highest form of solidarity and brotherly love any country could have shown. My brother David and I told each other that we cried as we watched this on the News cast.

Once someone understands how proper everything in England is,and the bond that this showed between America and England,this action goes beyond any words.It is also to be noted that it is only over 200 years ago,we decided to Declare Independance from England.To Europe,a couple hundred years is only a short time,to us a lifetime.
This action will be ingrained in my memories forever,and I will ALWAYS hear the Star Spangled Banner being played when I gaze upon this photo.

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