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Beavercreek Years -Our Relatives and Neighbors
The Jacob Coy Family

Here is a list of just a few of the Greene County Families we marry into,and they into the COY family line as well as several crosses into the below family surnames.


1830-Census Records,must choose which township.

1840-Census Records-Beavercreek Twp

All of the families that migrated to Greene County,Ohio in the early 1800's with the COYS, were of the German Reformed faith.
Thier life style seemed to be very similar to the Amish,or Quaker style.They lived as a community that revolved around each other.
The Log House,Barn raising's,corn husking, or butcher days had each family gathering in one spot, and the men would divide up the work, and woman gathered as a social event, while they prepared the food for the mass gatherings.The woman also had quilting frolics,or quilting bees .

*Weddings were especially joyous among these people.They would often come from miles around, and after the ceremony,the men would would practice throwing tomahawks,or engage in shooting match or foot races.The woman of course would be preparing the feast.
After dinner, there would be dancing and the families that travled a long distance would either make camp in the area or stay on the floors of the crowded log house floors.

The Brethren-The COYS,SHOUPS,and FERGUSON'S were among the pioneer Brethern families forming the very foundation of Beavercreek Township.(BC Chronilces pg.57)

The Brethern were known as the tillers of the soil,and tagged as the Brethern becasue of the Brotherly love shown to each other on a day to day basis.
Their life was a straight-laced sect that was of sobriety and utter simplicity.They were of a German background and their dress was modest and unadorned attire.


My database-searchable by surname index(Jan 2002)

My Database-searchable version

surname originated in Langenselbold,Germany(Kasslar),but when the family migrated to France it was changed to(Casler)to fit in.The Progenitor of the Cassler's had been a shoemaker by trade when he came to America.Johann Ludwig Cassler came to America in 1750 on the ship EDINBURGH, and eventually it was his son Ludwig/Lewis Cosler that settled in the Beavercreek Twp. area.

A German name,Rev. John Darst was the grand-father of Harry born in Franklin Co.,Va.In 1790 they start to migrate to the Dayton,Ohio area in 1813.
It will be the Darst family that eventually buy the last of John Coy's land after his death.They also have one the higher priced homes in Beavercreek in the early 1800's.
Thier are Coy/Darst/Shoup/Zimmerman/Miller marriages that I have seen.

They came to America from Germany and settled in the Clear Spring,Washington Co.,MD area before John "Haines",changes his name to "Hanes",and buys land in Greene Co.,Ohio with Adam Gerlaugh Sr..They then went to Maryland to collect their families. Son Jacob Hanes and wife Mary Nesbitt Hanes, and they were joined by a friend whose last name was Putterbaugh.

Andrew Hawker was married in Hagerstwon,Md in Washington Co. to Susannah Coy . A kindred kin and I are still searching for his parents and sibling's.Little is known about Andrew's early beginings before his connetions with the COY's.
His children however will be given credit for forming a very strong religious foundation for Beavercreek Twp,and surrounding Dayton area. The HAWKER Church and Cemetery are very important to our German Heritage of the Dayton Ohio story.

This family arrived in 1752 aboard the ship TWO BROTHERS.It is the 2 brothers John and Henry that made the orginal migration with the COY's to Greene County to help settle the land.
This family also has many more from PA join them in the Greene Cty,and Van Buran Twp.,Montgomery Cty.

I have found records for Tobias Ritter how helps settle Beavercreek.The records are for in Washington Co.Md at the St.Pauls Evengelical Lutheran and Reformed Church along with many of their neighbors.Tobias is the father of one of the spouses who marry Peter Coy.

This family seemed to arrived from Alsace,Germany which is now in France.Many of the family SCHNEPP came to America,however the sisters that we are related to,their progenitor arrived on the TWO BROTHERS,Oct.13,1747. 2 of the Schnepp girls marry 2 of the COY boys, and their many children help populate early Beavercreek twp. Many of their family members can also be found in many of the townships in Montgomery County,but basically Van Buren Twp.

Moses Shoup was the first one from this family to arrive from Switzerland in 1793.
The Coy's enjoy a long line of family ties with Moses and Solomon Shoup. Eventually Jacob Coy's 1st cabin will come to rest on land that was once Solomon Shoup's land in sec.32. Solomon Shoup has land in sec.32, and Moses Shoup has land in sec.36 during the early years.

Adam Soleinger was one of the men who appear on the 1790 Census in PA living near Jacob,and migrate with the 1st Beavercreek Twp. families.
I found records for Zollineger in Washington Co.MD along with many others of their German community.

The Progenitors of the Wolfe family that migrates to Greene Co.,were George Theobold Wolf,and his younger brother John Wolf from Lancaster,Pa.The two brothers were son's of Johann Nickolas and Anna Maria (Bower)Wolfe. George Wolf migrated to the (NWT) before it was Ohio in 1799,his brother came to the area in 1805. It has been said that George's son,Benjamin was one of the 1st caucasian birht's in Greene Co.1810,the brothers donated the land for the German Reformed Church and graveyard,(present day Byron United Church of Christ)

This family was one of the 1st in Beavercreek Twp. with the COYs.
Their surname spelling has been recorded as CIMMERMAN/SIMMERMAN/and finally ZIMMERMAN.I believe they have been to be from Switzerland side of Bavaria.
Their is record of Dr.George Zimmerman (b)Feb.1779 that served the whole community.
Many of the Zimmerman's marry into the families of Shoup/Putterbaugh/Costenborder.

Lou Lauderbaugh's searchable database- several family connections

Monica Puterbaugh searchable database-several family connections

Benham and other names-searchable

Haines Family-a great deal of information

My Family Groupsheets

Squirrels were known to destroy corn crops,in 1807 State legislature passed an act that every man of military age had to present the township officials with 100 squirrel scalps annually.If you did not turn in your qty 100,you were penalized $.03 per.
Wolf scalps were worth $2.50 also,they were widley hunted and dangerous to the farm animals, and no children would go near doors or windows if they heard howling wolves.
(BC Chronicles pg.7,Shirley Nelson Coy)

under construction.

Butcher Days in Beavercreek


in progress

Knights of the Pythias Lodge

The order of the Knights of Pythias Lodge was founded Feb.19,1864,in the Ciy of Washington by Justice William H.Rathbone.Pres.Abraham Linclon urged the township of Beavercreek to apply to Congress for a charter,thus it became the first Fraternal Organization chartered by an Act of Congress."The priciples of Friendship,Charity,and Benevolence ,upon which the order was founded should spread throughout the land".This statement was made by Abe Lincoln.

The Lodge in Beavercreek was instituted in Zimmerman on Sept.5,1894.There were 32 charter members.The Lodge was and is still known as the Silver Star Lodge No.668,Kinights of Pythias
(I'm listing those we have direct family ties with-pg.56 B'C Chronicles)

David Archer,H. COY,Oscar COY,Benjamin F.Darst,J.F.Harshman,J.W.Hanes,Charles E.Johannes,J.W.Shank,Charles W.Wolf.
There are several more family names I'm sure I'm connected to somewhere.

Many of the Beavercreek families that joined other family members that had paved the way into the newly opened lands in Ohio along the Miami Valley in Greene County and Montgomery County.

Most of the families we married had other sibling's or the parents that moved into Greene County, in the the township's of Beavercreek,Bath,Sugarcreek and Xenia. All of these locations were less than 10 miles apart.
Some of their other family members spread further the the west townships, which ended up in Montgomery County.

The townships that I seem to have found more records for are Mad River,Van Buren,Washington,Miami and German Townships. Going this direction still would have only been about 15-20 miles at the maximum.
I have found that Adam Hawker had been a minister in the Van Buren Township which seemed to share the most amount of families and relatives with Beavercreek twp. on the Greene County side.
Dayton Ohio in the early days seems to be split between Greene and Montogomery County.

Revolutionary War Records of Greene County Residents

Searchable Greene Co. book listed by page number

Many of the Elders that settle the Miami River Valley served in the Revolutionary War.I am still searching which of the progenitors served in the War.
I am starting the list:
Jacob COY -Progentitor of my line found on pg.4,and pg.48
Leonard SCHNEPP(father of Barabra and Anna Maria)

War of 1812

Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 from Greene County-pg 256
Roll of Capt.Zecharaih Ferguson's Company
Sgt.Samuel D.Kirkpatrick
Sgt.Andrew Hawker
Corp.Abraham Cosler
Corp.Jacob Cosler
Steele,David D.
These are the soldiers that I know there is a direct relationship to

I believe the other Kindred in Montgomery County are listed on pg.55-56
Capt.George Gibson

Beavercreek Ohio-links

Xenia Links-also the Library where all the records are

1820-Census,index included:choose pg.131 to pg.146 for records

Greene County-links