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After 120 Stars

What does happen after you collect 120 stars? Well, I'll tell ya! Oh yeah, make sure you have 120 stars if you want to do these things. I don't have to tell you that, do I?

The Ending
You should already know about what to do to get to the end. You don't have to have 120 stars for this, but I had no where else to put it. So here are some scenes from the end. To here what Princess Peach says, go to the multimedia page and get the Zip file. You are listening to the ending music right now.
The Reappearing Magic Trick A Personal Conversation A Lovely Kiss on the Nose A Farewell After the Credits The Cake Done in 5 Minutes

Yoshi the Dinosaur
Right after you get 120 stars, there's no wild message that you just got your 121st star. So go outside, to the far pond/lake. Hop into the now open cannon. Don't aim the cannon. Just shoot once you're in. Press [A] to recover when you touch the roof. Go around the tower. You can already hear the pitter patter of footsteps. Just after the Red Cap Box, you'll see Yoshi. Talk to him. Notice that he makes a spelling mistake on the first text screen: "It that really you???" instead of "Is that really you???" After that boring talking, he'll give you many lives, with the maximum of 100, in addition to a new triple jump. He'll walk away and jump into the giant waterfall. Too bad we can't ride it. :(
The Cannon
Yoshi the Dinosaur!!!
On a side note, the triple jump looks all cool and that, but it does not let you wall kick.

Big Fat Penguin
Enter Course 4 to get Star 3 or higher. Jump into the slide house. In amazement, you'll see a big fat penguin. You could race it. It's not very difficult because of the fact that you have all 120 stars. Just speed up as much as possible and do not hug the tight corners. Nothing special is awarded if you beat it. It's just funny the first time you look at it.

Bowser's New Script
Go into Bowser in the Sky and go through the course. When you confront Bowser, read what he says carefully. You will notice that there is nothing new. :) However, once you defeat him, and he is lying dead on the ground, read the third screen of text. It's a new text screen. It says something about his minions being worthless, that they lost all the power stars to you. You also get to know that he just found out that there are 120 stars in all. You also say to him that if he hadn't stomped around, all full of himself, he would have known about that...just kidding.



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