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Course 15: Rainbow Ride

Location: To the right of Course 14. It's in the well in the hole in the wall.

Required: Very good Mario skills.

Recommended: Very good camera and temper control.

Information: If you are still having trouble with the Mario controls, you will need a lot of more patience for this course. This course tests out your timing, your reflex, and your skill. Sounds really difficult? It is. It's justa couple of platforms and rainbows holding you, the enemies, and a couple of magic carpets. There are also separate sections: one for a big flying ship, one for the coins, one for a house, one for many seesaws and pyramids and prisms, and one that is just confusing. Just practise enough for the seventh star. Entrance to Course 15

Course 15
Star # Objective Picture
Like for any other star, you go on the first carpet, dodging the first obstacles, and landing on the four main, spinning platforms. From there, take the carpet at the back. At the fork, take the carpet on Mario's left. Dodge the incoming platforms, then jump over the blue obstacles. After that, quickly get onto the board leading to the ship. On the ship, go left and jump for the star, trying to avoid the oncoming winds.
Going to the Ship
From the centre, take the back carpet. At the fork, take the carpet on Mario's right. Jump and double jump over the next obstacles. TRY TO STAY ON THE CARPET. There are no more under-platforms to save your behind. Dodge the fireplace and continue until you reach the roof of the house. Jump off and get the star.
On Top of the House
It's red coin time!!! From the centre, jump to your left at the moving platform. Continue left until you reach the blue coin box. Wall jump up the passage and talk to the bob-omb buddy up there. You'll need the cannon for star #6. Go right and walk onto the blue platform. It's an elevator to the red coins.
  1. Hop off the elevator to get this.
  2. From #1, side flip to the ledge. Go right and go OVER the staircase-like thing. Then drop for this.
  3. Dodge the fieballs and get this.
  4. Go back on top of the staircase. Back flip onto the ledge above to get this.
  5. Time a double jump to the left and get this on your first jump.
  6. After your double jump, get this one.
  7. Go back to coin #4. Jump onto the ledge above. Slide down and in the midst of it, jump for the coin.
  8. Now go to the ledge almost to the bottom, to the right of the star. Long jump to the left and get this.
The star's just to the right.
Looking at the Coins
From the centre, go to the front platform. Just follow the path until you get to a lone Goomba. climb the wall and go left. Continue until you get the star.
The Lone Goomba
Go through the course as if you are getting star #4. At thw lone goomba, just continue the course instead of going up. At the ! switch, hit it. Quickly jump from platform to platform, makin all the possible shortcuts to the top, where the star is.
The Tricky Triangles
Above the coin maze, there's your bob-omb buddy. To the left of it, there's an upward passage. Wall kick from side to side to get to the top. Continue toward the buddy and talk to it. Then go down the elevator just to the right of you. Then go to the flying ship. Go into the cannon hole at the back of boat. Aim just under the imaginary halfline in the rainbow. You'll land holding a pole. Time your dismount and avoid the purple dude. Then make your way at the item box holding the star.
Aiming for the Pole
7 Coins = 146

This is very difficult. Try getting the coins along this path: Go to the platform centre, get the blue coins, get the red coins, go toward star #5 then go toward star #2. If did that but still need coins, you can go back by going to the long board walk in front of the house, and long jumping back to the maze (the wind will push you further).

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: In the middle of the rainbow before the long boardwalk.
1b: Near the lone box with a 1-up.
  • On the falling log above the blue elevator.
  • In the item box on top of the house.
  • In the item box above the maze of red coins.
  • In the item box below the first swing.
  • On top of the pole near the centre.
  • On top of the spinning obstacle before the ship.
  • On top of the pole on the ship.
  • At the very front of the ship.
Blue Coin Box To the left of the red coin maze.



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