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Mario Media

This is just the place to get some stuff that will let you experience Mario 64.

    This is my icon that I made of Mario's cap symbol. If you see it on any other page claiming it to be theirs, don't believe it. I made this one, no matter what anyone says. I'm sorry if I was sounding too protective.
  • credits.ra
    A friend gave me this Real Player file of the credits music.
  • mario.mid
    This music is from the old days with Super Mario Bros.
  • pressstart.mid
    This wonderful music that you hear at the beginning of the game.
  • halls.mid
    I suppose it is the music you hear in the castle.
  • sm64-1st.mid
    The midi for some levels, usually called the first course music.
  • select.mid
    The music you hear on the menu screen.
  • bowser1-2.mid
    This is the music you hear when fighting Bowser the first and second time.
  • sm64bowser.mid
    The terrifying organ music you hear when you fight Bowser for the third time.
  • sm64ending.mid
    It's the ending music to the game. You hear it durring the ending credits.
  • sm64-fly.mid
    This is the music you here when you have the wing cap or the invisible cap.
  • sm64-mtl.mid
    This is the music you hear when you have the metal cap.
  • sm64-sld.mid
    You'll accounter some slides and here this music.
  • sm64hmgr.mid
    When you go into the haunted merry go round in Course 5, you hear this eerie music.
  • snow.mid
    The music in the snow levels (course 4 and course 10).
  • water.mid
    The water stages and bonus music (course 3, course 9 and the Aquarium Bonus).
  • (1.44 MB)
    A zip file with many sounds from SM64. It includes: backflip, dive, enter, Hahaha, hello, Herewego, hipdrop, jumphigh, Let'sgo, Mamamia, mariodream, mariotired, memario, okydoky, peach-end, peachbegin, pressstart, punch, solong, startheme, swimmoat, thankyou, toadmusic, triple, and Waaaa.



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