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Mario Links

Here are some Mario/Nintendo-related links for you to enjoy. From top to bottom, they are listed from oldest to newest. For promotional reasons, refreshing another site may return you to my home page.

Name Information
Unofficial Super Mario 64 Guide A great web site that has very many pictures and a reasonable walkthrough.
Andrew's Super Mario 64 Page He claims it has the best Mario site on the super-highway. See if he's right. He fills you in on the story so far in the game and has a complete guide to get 120 stars.
Mario 64 It's a Mario page owned by a person named Syoma. It has a chat room now, so visit it soon. But the strategy guide is in a text document, so you have to download it.
Luigi and Super Mario 64 Do you believe that Luigi is in SM64? I certainly don't. The Unofficial World of Nintendo doesn't either. Try the page out.
Super Mario 64 Claims to be the #1 source for Super Mario 64.
IGN64 Visit this site formerly known as
Andrew's N64 Center This is another N64 page owned by an Andrew. It's pretty cool.
Game Player's Gathering A good source of games for PSX, N64, and so forth...You also might want to go here for help on HTML, Java, and more. It's a GREAT site!
The Unofficial World of Nintendo The banner explains it all:
The World of Nintendo!!!!!
Nintendo 64 Web A Cool N64 site. N64 IS COOL! With links, tips and cheats.
Super Mario 64 Central A really cool Super Mario 64 site.
Super Mario 64 Central
Mario Nolstagia Mania! Contains images and screenshots from various Mario games. Also the home of the Mario Game Graphics Webring.
CyberSouls 2K A great place for teens to "hang out." There are chats and places to meet other teens like yourself. Start by making a profile and off you go.
N-news Nintendo news, cheats and game info in realtime.

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