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It is Obvious!
in Super Mario 64?

I, personally, think that Luigi is not in the game. Here's some reasons why I don't think he's in the game:

  • Many pictures of Luigi and Mario on the net are fake.
  • Some of the pictures have a short and fat Luigi. I'll tell you what: Luigi doesn't look exactly like Mario!
  • There are so many "codes", Mr. Miyamoto might as well tell the whole world that Luigi is in the game.
  • Visit The Unofficial World of Nintendo. It says that The Unofficial World of N asked Nintendo and they said there wasn't a Luigi.

Finally, the pictures:

Luigi and Mario
Mario and Luigi Looking at the Castle There should be a lakitu camera at the bottom right corner. Instead, there is a signature, probably belonging to the artist. Mario Looking at the Castle
Mario, Luigi and Boshi on the roof After 120 stars, you'd go on the roof to find Yoshi, right? So now your with Luigi and meeting Boshi instead, yeah, right. * Mario and Yoshi on the roof
Luigi Flying in Course 8 Everything's okay, but there's a signature at the bottom right corner. Mario Flying in Course 8
Mario and Luigi at the Bottom of a Staircase Luigi looks a lot like Mario. Maybe he was copyed, pasted, flipped and coloured. I just don't know. Mario at the bottom of a staricase
Everybody on the delicious cake Everything's okay, but look at the other picture.
Speckles are always a sign of unprofessional image editing.
Everyone on the delicious cake

* Someone told me that you can get Boshi with a Gameshark code.



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