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Course 9: Dire, Dire Docks

Location: The door with the star on it near the entrance to the basement from upstairs. Go into the water, not the brick pit.

Required: 30 stars, blue cap

Recommended: Nothing

Information: Dire, Dire Docks is another water course. It has a whirlpool in the center of the main chamber. There's a hole in the wall of the docks chamber that sucks you into it because of the waterfall on the other end. You can find cheep-cheep (from the original Super Mario Bros.), Sushi the shark, and a stingray. At the docks, you might find Bowser's submarine, which disappears after you beet the 2nd Bowser. In this course, you might need knowledge of swimming fast. The Wet Entrance

Course 9
Star # Objective Picture
Swim into the docks chamber. Jump onto the dock near the ! switch so you're out of the water. Jump on the ! switch and jump from block to block leading to the submarine. Once you're on the sub, run around the periscope and jump for the star. Easy, eh?
On the blocks
Ugh! It's another treasure chest hunt! All of them are in the main chamber.
  1. Start in front of the dock entrance. Go clockwise and skip the first chest you see. Open the next chest.
  2. Next go back to the first chest you passed. Open that one. Now go back to the first chect you opened and skip it. Open the next chest you see.
  3. Now, the last chest, be careful on this one. Go in front of the dock entrance. Turn around so you're facing the whirlpool. Flutter kick to the chest and open it quickly.
After the star appears, swim as fast as you can to escape the whirlpool. Also, watch out for Sushi the Shark while getting the star.
Opening the last chest
It's red coin time! Beating the 2nd Bowser is required. Swim into the docks chamber. Go to the ! switch. After you jump on it, go to the right and jump onto the other set of blocks. After getting on the platform:
  1. Get the first coin that is right beside you.
  2. Take a ride on the pole to the left of you. The coin's in the air.
  3. This is also on the trip.
  4. This is also on the trip. Get back to the first platform.
  5. Take a ride on the other pole. After you get on the second platform, take the pole to the left. Jump from pole to pole at the right times, after jumping a few times, you'll get on another platform. Ignore it and ride the other pole. Get the coin in the caged ledge and get back on the second platform.
  6. Take the other pole. Afterwards, jump from that pole to the other pole. Grab the 6th coin floating near you.
  7. This takes good timing: Jump to the pole on the other side of the grates at the right time. Then grab the floating coin.
  8. Grab the other coin on the same pole. Now...
Get back to the second platform. While you're on the second platform, grab the star.
The last coin
Swim to the docks chamber. Find the rising air rings underwater(they're blue). Go through 5 consecutive rings in a row to make the star appear below you. Go on land and get the metal cap. Put it on and sink to the bottom. Metal Mario is too heavy for the air bubbles to push him up. Get the star before the metal power fades.
Going through the rings
You'll have to practice on this one. In the main chamber, the Manta Ray lays rings in the water after it. Flutter kick after the Manta to go through the rings, so you won't go too fast. Be careful, this Ray does some difficult maneuvering. Remember don't follow too close, or the rings you pass through don't count. After you pass 5 consecutive rings in a row, a star will appear OVER the whirlpool. Swim to the star with caution and you're on your way to glory.
Going through the rings
Another lonely star?!!! In the dock, get the metal cap and quickly backflip over the fence and get the vanish cap. What? A grey Mario? Jump into the water and head towards the cage. Man overboard!!! Quickly go to the cage near the air rings. Get the star before the vanish power fades. Who said this was going to be hard?!
Through the grating
7 Coins = 106

Are you up for it? First, skim the upper waters of the main chamber for a line of 5 coins. There are just over 100 coins in this course, so you may not want to skip any coins. To get the coins in front of the submarine hole thingy, use the metal cap.

Special Stuff
  • In the clam between the first and third chest.
  • In the middle clam of the three at the right of the docks.
Blue Coin Box It's on the way from the second platform to the 5th red coin in the docks.
Koopa Shell It's in the left clam shell of the three in the docks.
Cap Boxes
Green/Metal Cap-
It's at the end of the walkway in the docks.
Blue/Vanish Cap-
It's right beside the metal cap.



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