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Course 4: Cool, Cool Mountain

Location: The opposite from course 2. But there are three paintings, which one? The middle one will show you the way.

Required: Need 3 stars to get through the door.

Recommended: Nothing

Information: Cool, Cool Mountain is the first snow level you will play in. We all hate those old snow levels, don't we? It's where you slip and slide everywhere. Well, you're not going to hate this one. 'Cause the only thing different is, the fun! You'll meet a penguin family, an incomplete snowman, a super snow slider, and many peahat guys. The Pictures

Course 4
Star# Objective Picture
At the beginning, jump into the chimney of the nearby cottage. You may read the sign in the cottage. Jump on the slide and here we gooo!!! Hold back to slow down. Hold up to speed up. After the first jump, follow the trail of coins, including the ones leading into the wall. You'll enter a secret tunnel with two 1-ups. At the end of the tunnel, you'll hit a wall. Don't fall off the ledge you're on. Follow to the left and hit the box. There's a 1-up in there. Fall off the ledge and go through the door. The star will come out of the ground and land near the penguin.
First Jump on Slide
There's a little penguin near the cottage. Pick it up and go left down the slope. When you see a gap in the left fence(before you cross the bridge), jump through the gap. You'll fall down about three stories. The snow will break your fall, but your hands are brittle from the fall, so you'll let go of the penguin. Pick the penguin up before it falls off a cliff or something. If it does, just go exit the course and start again. Give the mother penguin the little penguin and you'll be rewarded with a star.
Giving Penguin to its Mother
Hop into the chimney to meet a penguin. Stand beside it before you talk to it. It wants to race Mario on the Super Snow Slider. Isn't it funny how everybody who races Mario always get a head start? This time, you can't use shortcuts, penguins don't like cheaters. I think the penguin put on too much weight. He blocks Mario and the track. Watch out for the tight turns. Cross the finish line. If you won, step out of the way of the penguin. It'll crash into the wall, causing an earthquake. Talk to the penguin again to get a star. Now you prooved that you're the fastest.
Racing With Penguin
It's red coin time!!!
  1. Climb the tree next to the cottage.
  2. Go lright and walk off the broken bridge. You'll slide on a slope. There's a red coin at the bottom.
  3. Go left and walk past the big snowball. There's one right beside the wall.
  4. Go back to where the snowball is. Walk and jump onto a ledge with a lot of trees. The coin is at the right end of the ledge.
  5. Walk to the nearby bridge with the two jumping snowmen. Dodge them to reach a fork in the road. Take the left path to the broken bridge. At the end of the bridge is a coin.
  6. Go back to the fork and take the right path. Follow the path to where the penguin is. Climb the nearby tree and grab this coin.
  7. Go right until you reach the edge. Nearby, there's a coin. Watch your step or you'll regret it.
  8. Go back to the cave you past when goin for coin 7. The coin is on the platform holding the bridges.
Go to the end of the broken bridge you're standing beside. You'll warp back to the top of the course. Go on the hillside you used in star 2, but don't jump off. At the u-turn, jump to Mario's right onto a ledge. You can get the blue coins, but the star is more important. The star is right on the nearby ledge.
The 8th Coin
Talk to the snowball nearby. Talk to the big ball of snow to race to the other snowball at the bottom of the hillside. Try not to get ran over while sliding. Once you beat the snowball to the other snowball, stand behind the snowball. Talk to the complete snowman to get your reward.
Racing Snowball
Go to where you ended the race with the snowball. Jump on the nearby peahat and steer your way to a hidden ledge right under you. You'll hopefully land in a room with two large ledges. Backflip onto the first one. Then perform a triple jump towards the wall and wall kick onto the second ledge. Walk, on the narrow ice bridge leading to star 6. Don't worry if you fall and hurt yourself. Why do you think there's a heart at the bottom?
On the Second Ledge
7 Coins = 154

Collect the first red coin and go to the slide. There are over 86 coins on the slide. Then go to where the fourth star appeared. Get the blue coins to finish the job.

Special Stuff
Warp 1a
Warp 1b
1a: At the end of the broken bridge near the beginning.
1b: At the end of the broken bridge near red coin 8.
  • It's in the box near red coin 2.
  • It's in the box near red coin 3.
  • Climb the tree nearest to the snowman's head.
  • Two are in the secret passage on the slide.
  • On is on the upper ledge at the end of the slide.
Blue Coin Box Slide down the hillside and jump off at the u-turn. It's near star 4.



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