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Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt

Location: In the courtyard which is behind the wooden doors. Hit the ghost that has that brown thing in it. Jump into the carousel(the brown thing).

Required: You must get at least 2 stars from course 4. Also, you need the Pixel Cap(blue) for Star 6.

Recommended: Nothing

Information: Big Boo's Haunt is a haunted house with many things. Remember to butt-stomp ghosts to defeat them. You'll find more than ghosts in this house: There are killer chairs, pianos, and books, giant eyeballs, and even the occasional Big Boo. So getting 100 coins is a snap. Entrance to Big Boo's Haunt

Course 5
Star # Objective Picture
You have to find five ghosts to make Big Boo appear in the main hall.
  1. Go around the house and enter the back door. There is a ghost laughing all around a room.
  2. It's in the same room as the first ghost.
  3. Enter the front door. From the main hall, enter the left door on the back wall. There's a ghost and an eyeball. Get the ghost, of course.
  4. From the main hall, enter the right door on the back wall. Cross the fragile bridge without falling. (If you do fall, you'll land in the basement and you'll have to find a way back up there.) There's a ghost on the other side of the bridge.
  5. From the same room, use the other door find a ghost. Jump over the gaps in the ledges or you'll fall into the basement. Get the ghost and use the other door.
You'll enter the main hall to find Big Boo. Butt-stomp it three times to shrink it down to a comfortable size. A set of retractable stairs appear leading to the star.
Fighting Big Boo
Head into the shed behind you. You'll know if you're in the right spot, the eyeball will be watching you. Hop onto the elevator and follow the path. You'll reach a spot where you have to make a choice: move on or go through the door on the right wall. Pick any which one because either way, you'll go into the carousel. Butt-stomp all the ghosts that come out of the paintings. Watch out for the flames that also come out of the walls. After that, Big Boo will appear again! Butt-stomp it another three times to make it disappear. The star will appear in front of one of the entrances.
In the Haunted Merry Go Round
What's behind bookshelf number one? Go through the right door on the left wall of the upper hall. Long jump through "killer book alley" until you take a left turn. (Now, same procedure for the treasure chests for course 3, but if you get it wrong, you won't get electrocuted. No...just some killer books fly at you, that's all.)
  1. Pick the center book.
  2. Pick the one on the right.
  3. Pick the one on the left.
Presto!!! The wall retracts and a door appears. Go through the door to find the star.
The Order of Books
It's red coin time!!!
  1. Tip-toe into the left door on the left wall of the main hall. The coin is behind the sleeping killer piano, so be careful.
  2. Go through the next room. Backflip onto a bookshelf to find a coin.
  3. Backflip onto the other bookshelf in the same room.
  4. Go into the room where you got the last ghost in star 1. The ghost is guarding the coin.
  5. Go to the upper hall and go through the left door of the back wall. Jump over the shaded spots(holes in the grate) and get the coin.
  6. From the upper hall, go through the door on the right wall. Walk to the other side of the room avoiding the two killer books. Aviod the obvious trap, which is a teeter totter that leads you to the basement. Get the coin.
  7. From the upper hall, go through the right door on the back wall. Go to the next room and walk to the first coffin on the right. It'll reveal a coin. Walk under there before the coffin falls back down.
  8. Walk to the second coffin on the left to reveal another coin. Follow the same procedure.
Walk out of the two rooms to go back to the upper hall. Go to the light coming out of the window near the door you used in star 3. Get the shining star.
The fith coin
Yet another role for Big Boo. Enter the door on the right wall upstairs. Watch out for the killer book. Stand on the wooden plateau. Perform an instant backflip and a wall kick to get to a secret passage to the attic. Go through the door. Walk through the other door in the attic. Fight the Big Boo to reveal a star. Gee, how are we going to get up there? Long jump to one of the roofs on the sides. Get on the flat part of it. Switch to Mario cam [R]. Crawl up the bigger roof to the flat part. Then crawl towards the star. Once you reach the point, jump to the small roof with the star.
Fighting Big Boo for the third time
Enter the same room where the entrance to the passage. Instead, go through the other door. Get the invisble cap and go to the attic quickly. Go through the painting of the ghost before the power fades. Circle around the huge eyeball in the center of the room. Defeat it by running around the eye. Instead of giving you a blue coin, it'll give you power star 6!!
Hopping into the picture
7 Coins = 151

Get all of the ghosts to get blue coins. Get the eyeballs too. Go into the attic to get a bunch of blue coins activated by the blue coin switch on the floor. There are over 150 coins in this course so how can you not get 100 coins.

Special Stuff
  • In the box near the box holding star 5.
Cap Boxes
Blue/Vanish Cap-
Right when you enter the house, it's above you, to the right.



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